More bad news for Nestle: Worms in Nestle Milk Powder

What happened:

In yet another controversy surrounding Nestle products, live larvae and worms were found in Nestle Milk Powder in Coimbatore. 

According to a local lawyer Suresh, “My client purchased Nestle milk powder meant for infants, they saw small worms floating in milk. My client sent the sample to government lab, their report stated that 22 insects and 28 live larvae were found in 380 gram milk powder,” 

He added that a complaint had been filed with the Food Safety officer and his client was looking into all legal avenues.


Nestlés troubles:

This news comes at a really bad time for Nestle India, who is battling out a media storm regarding their popular product Maggi which has been found to contain high amounts of lead and MSG which is a taste enhancer. 

Several states in India including the capital Delhi have banned Maggi and nationwide testing have begun on Maggi samples. 

What will we eat in a world without Maggi?

As foodies who have consumed a ton of Maggi, we hope there is a solution for this really soon? Till then why don’t you try our Hakka Noodle recipe!