Baby Food Diet Is The Latest Fad In Hollywood

Adding to the list of another diet fad is the ‘Baby Diet Food’. This is not meant for babies but for adults and its turning into a rage in Hollywood according to the reports by The diet being talked about here intends to cut down on calories and focuses on portion control. It also includes cutting down on plenty of the meals and snacks of the day and replace them with baby food.

The report also says that the this diet is the new favourite of the Hollywood actresses. The Baby Food Diet is all about feeding yourself like a baby so the person is eating foods like sweet potato mash, pureed peas and blended chicken in small portions of 25-75 calories each. This goes on the whole day ending with a regular dinner.

According to the report, the health experts do not suggest this diet as it wouldn’t fulfill the daily calorie requirement for an adult plus the weight loss is only short term. The experts also say that since the baby food gets digested quickly it will leave the adults consuming it feel hungry in no time. Plus, the baby food is bland and long term consumption can cause different types of deficiencies and ailments.