Baba Sehgal Singing About Chupa Chups Is The Craziest Thing Ever!

India’s candy scene just got a fun new player with Spanish lollipop brand Chupa Chups stepping foot in the Indian market. And what better way to introduce your product in a country than having a former rap star sing for it? Actually there are a number of other ways but we are guessing Chupa Chups wanted to go with the obvious humor. “Humor”.

Anywho, Chupa Chups went ahead and released two ad commercials – the first ad features only the Indian rap star Baba Sehgal’s voice; while the other one features the man himself. And if you’ve ever heard about, read or followed his eccentric rap-studded Facebook page or YouTube channel, you’d know what Sehgal is all about (or even if you’ve grown up in Indian during the 90s, for that matter). As long as it rhymes, it’s a friggin’ rap. And all of you, who disagree, go listen to the singer’s rendition of Macarena a.k.a. Dil De De Dena, and then we’ll talk.que-viene-el-logo-chupa-chups

Owned by Perfetti Van Melle, Chupa Chups has been a favorite among lollipop brand among kids and candy-loving adults in over 150 countries since 1991. And the bubble gum-filled lollipop is different in so many ways. But having Baba Sehgal sell their products is beyond, umm, different.

Moving on, listening to Baba Sehgal recreating our 90s memories around lollipop sure is one of the whackiest things out there on the Internet. In all fairness, we love Chupa Chups (Duty Frees know), but they might’ve done better than this:

Gaana mera hip hop hai

Chupa Chups ek lollipop hai

Andar bhara hai bubble gum

DJ bole shake your bum

No, we’re not kidding. Watch the video below.



Feature Image: Punjabi Celebs