Aziz Ansari Is Taking His Instagram Followers On A Visual Voyage Through South Indian Food

Popular American actor and comedian Aziz Ansari has spent his Christmas break in South India, wandering the streets of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and taking his Instagram followers on a virtual trip through photographs.

Some of the best photographs we (naturally) think are the ones that involve his food adventures in South India. It’s not surprising that he’s taken with the food scene – he calls himself a certified foodie and has founded ‘The Food Club’ with two other friends. His Instagram feed very often features his food escapades:


Meanwhile, his culinary voyage through South India leans towards the traditional side, featuring South Indian foods.

Tea pouring is something we’ve all had to master to get our tea to cool faster. This guy is complete pro though.

Some more street food vendors displaying mad skills.

A sandhya is served on the traditional banana leaf in Kerala

This photograph highlights how chilli chicken is one of India’s favourite non vegetarian street food – and the burgeoning food truck culture.

Tender coconut water is a refreshing drink on a hot day. Or during the winter. Or, you know – whenever.

We can only hope that Ansari will remain in the South for a while and continue gracing us with his delicious pictures. Until the next one, we’re giving in to our cravings and whipping up some South Indian meals. Try out these recipes if you’d like to too!