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The Most Awesome Food-Themed Sneakers Ever


In the last year alone, the relationship between food and fashion has gone to a whole new level. But what is really making an impact are the food-themed sneakers that the world is taking an instant liking to. Whether it’s through Instagram or just a really awesome combination of two of your favourite things, it’s happening.

And no, you’re not imagining it. It’s a growing business. Especially when food and footwear brands come together to make magic and create some of the most beautiful sneakers you have ever seen. Some of them even look good enough to eat and good enough to not eat, if you get our drift.

The combination of sneakers and coffee, or pizza or even dessert is something that you never saw coming. Why is it so popular? Because not only do you get to wear really gorgeous sneakers, but you also get to display your love for your favourite food and let the world know just how much you love coffee or donuts or hey, pizza!

But it’s happening and it’s beautiful.

Nike Chicken & Waffles


The style and texture is that of a waffle and the colours give you the feel that your sneakers are doused in maple syrup. It’s a delicious combination and a beautiful sight.

Vans Pizza


We dare you not to lick these Pepperoni Pizza slip-ons. Grab a slice while you wear these for a full experience, obviously.

Nike Eton Mess


Using the classic Nike style of sneaker, mixed with the traditional English dessert of strawberries, bananas, meringue and cream, you are sure to be the belle of the ball.

Nike Krispy Kreme


What happens when you combine donuts and sneakers? These amazing basketball shoes that you wish you could get your hands on right away!

Vans Burger


Always wanted to decorate your sneakers with burgers? Well, here’s your chance. You’ve got each layer doodled on your sneakers, making it a really cool pair of kicks.

Nike Starbucks Coffee


The latest to join this awesome fashion statement are the Nike Starbucks Coffee Dunks. Using the coffee and Starbucks colours, Nike has delivered what looks like the most comfortable sneakers ever.