Avoid These Foods To Keep Depression Symptoms At Bay

Avoid These Foods To Keep Depression Symptoms At Bay

We all love to indulge once in a while but we need to remember that anything eaten in moderation and in balance with your overall diet is less likely to harm you. However it is best to stay away or eat foods occasionally that are known to harm you. So if you’re already having stress and anxiety issues its best not to eat these six foods.


Mainly due to the sodium content in packaged foods like sausages, chips, frozen meats, readymade food, canned foods like baked beans and so on. The excess sodium can cause problems in your neurological system which may trigger symptoms of depression.


Dr. Sonali who is a Dietician & Nutritionist at Amandeep Hospitals said in an interview with NDTV, “Alcohol creates a cluster inside the central nervous system, responsible for the flow of emotion. Thus in simple words we can say that alcohol is a depressant.” Further your nervous system and other task performing senses slow down due to alcohol that aggravates the symptoms. Here are some teas that can become a better lifestyle choice.


We’ve all experienced coffee crashes during long work projects and the lifestyle we lead but there is a bigger problem with excess of caffeine. According to the expert report, too much of caffeine can lead to disturbed sleep, irritation, anxiety to name a few. So it’s best to put a stop beyond the one or two helpings of caffeine a day. Why not pick a brew that helps soothe your stressful mind?


Gaining excess fat is one side effect of processed food like sausage, ketchup, readymade sauces and cereals while symptoms of depression is another. These can increase your blood sugar level according to reports which gives you an instant energy only to bring you down to fatigue and low mood and irritation.


Excess of refined sugar in desserts as well as cola drinks leads to inflammation and increased blood sugar levels ultimately effecting your mood. “Excessive sugar intake makes your brain work at a sub-optimal level that increases the risk of depression and mental illness,” said Dr. Sonali to NDTV.


Minimum amount of oil used in making vegetables etc., is good for you but too much of it like in deep fried food can cause harm. Apart from high cholesterol risk, foods rich in oil can give you mood swings and a study says that the trans-fat can increase the risk of depression by 48 percent.

Don’t be saddened with the loss of all the delicious food mentioned in this list because like we said before, moderation in everything is healthy. Speaking of which you can try eating these foods to feel happier and in a lighter mood.