Avocado Roses Are The New Instagram Trend, And They’re Gorgeous

Who would have thought that a fruit like avocado would get so much attention or even be turned into such a creative masterpiece? Apparently someone did, because now all everyone is talking about on Instagram are the avocado roses

Like with any food trend on Instagram, the pictures look beautiful and the roses look even better. Almost too good to eat, really. Avocado isn’t a big stranger to the foodie circle, because it’s one of those simple yet tasty fruits that has great benefits for your health. They’re really nutritious and full of vitamins and even contain more potassium than bananas! Avocados are also loaded with fibres, which is always good for your body and also powerful antioxidants which are great for your eyes.

But right now, we’re not focusing on the benefits of avocados, we’re looking at them from a different angle. And these Instagram users-slash-foodies had the right idea. Take a look.

And if you’re curious as to how to make your own avocado rose, watch this video.