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Auto Aggregator Jugnoo Launches Grocery Delivery Service


Jugnoo, the Chandigarh-based auto rickshaw aggregator has launched a new service under the brand. Called “Grocery“, the new service will have auto drivers delivering the groceries to customers during the time when they are not working. This comes soon after the launch of another service from Jugnoo, “Fresh” – which focuses on delivering fresh fruits and vegetables.

Founded in 2014 by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, Jugnoo works a lot like Uber and Ola, but their focus is mostly on auto rickshaws. In 2016, they launched various different services under the main umbrella including Meals” to deliver food to customers as well as a hyperlocal delivery service titled “Fatafat“. Now joining these services are the two new ones – Grocery and Fresh.

Samar Singla, founder and CEO of Jugnoo spoke with Inc42 and said, Post the successful launch of ‘Fresh’, the idea was to enhance our user experience and offer customers an all-inclusive end–to-end solution for all their daily needs. This additional category was a profitable move, as this adds to our overall order size.”

Part of this service, they’ve also introduced a ‘wholesale’ category that gives customers the option to order their daily use items in bulk. To provide this option, Jugnoo has tied up with local branches of wholesalers in the city. 

Deliveries are done the next day of placing an order between 4 – 8pm. And in December, Jugnoo is looking to launch an ‘Express Store’ whereby deliveries will be done within 2 hours of the order being placed. Chandigarh being their home base, they are first building a stronghold in the city before they look to replicate this model in 40 cities across the country.

Jugnoo currently functions in 40 cities in the country with over 12,000 autos working with them. Besides expanding the auto rickshaw aggregation, the company is also looking to expand across other verticals of hyperlocal logistics in B2B and B2C domains.

There has been a steady growth in grocery and agriculture startups, where the companies provide fresh fruits and vegetables within hours of the order being placed. Jugnoo’s new additions are definitely a plus for the brand as well as the market.