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It’s International Men’s Day tomorrow and with the no-shave November, we hope you’ve kissed your razors goodbye. Drink up, party hard and celebrate this awesome day at Mumbai’s coolest, bars, pubs and restaurants on 19th November! Here’s the choicest of

The tiny and quaint restaurant Sindhful in Bandra is already attracting foodies with its delectable Sindhi dishes. Flavourful and absolutely delicious, this one of the few places one can find food close to the authentic Sindhi palate. And this Sunday

Today’s Special released in 2009 is one of the most awesome movies that portrays Indian food and cooking. Before taking over his family business, Samir is a sous chef in a hotshot Manhattan restaurant where he is the sous chef

Friday is here and we’re all excited to step out and have a gala time in the city because the gigs, live performances, food an nightlife in Mumbai is one of the best in the country. So wear your party

Stephanie is bunking school but she sure needs to survive the day without coming out of her room so she asks Michelle to make a sandwich for her. Poor little Michelle makes it but slathers peanut butter and jelly onto

Green Matters reports the launch of ‘Spoiler Alert’ app which can keep a check on food just in time before it gets spoilt and help make it reach people who need it. 30-40 percent of food supply in the US

The popular food delivery and online restaurant discovery app, Zomato has brought its international paid subscription programme to India which is called Zomato Gold. Business Today reports that the service will offer complimentary food and drinks at more than 1200

The lousy Wednesday is here and the work week is just not coming to an end. So here is our way of therapy – foot tapping music, piping hot food and funky drinks. Let’s cure the midweek blues together with

Make the Indian Burger Vada Pav or serve the delicious Batata Vadas with Chutney! It’s your call. This easy to follow recipe in Hindi will show you how to make this yummy Mumbai snack in a jiffy. Print Recipe Vada

It’s time to swirl, smell, sip and experience the select wines from around the world under one roof. Do not miss the second edition of At Sula Selections Globe in a Glass Roadshow on 15th November, 2017 as you’ll get

The New York Times has reported that there has been a decline in the popularity of sugar sweetened beverages in the US. This is on the basis of the national health survey which showed that 79.7 percent of children and

Majority of the multinational fast food companies do not have an India-specific commitment to curb the use of antibiotics in their meat supply chains according to the release by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Earlier this year, Burger

Sheldon on one fine day says that all Wednesdays are the new comic days along with a creamy tomato soup day. The day is meant for gathering up on junk food and that’s what we love too! So let’s make

Want to spread a smile across the face of your child or even niece or nephew for that matter? Pamper them by getting a pretty gift and throwing them a Children’s Day party by making these simple yet delicious recipes!

Low psychoactive hemp seeds can now be used as food in Australia with effective from 12th November this year. The new regulation came with the changes in the Food Standards Code in the country and the amendments in the jurisdiction

According to reports by Manchester Evening News, the popular fast food chain, KFC gave out free food to 200 fans on Monday in two of the Manchester outlets. This was organised to celebrate the opening of three new stores in

Phoebe and Joey have a special bond. She helps him get over her sister, he’s protective of her when she’s about to get married and needless to say they are the best of friends. They even get together once a

According to reports by Business Insider, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released a statement on Tuesday that specified the linked two types of cancer to alcohol. Further in the statement, the doctors have asked the citizens of the

According to reports by Business Insider, the American Heart Association has updated their guidelines on fats and goes out to tell people not to consumer saturated fats. These saturated fats are found in foods like butter and coconut oil and

A recent study has found that mushrooms have an abundance of two antioxidants which are responsible for fighting age and improve health according to Science Daily. The research published by the researchers at Penn also say that these properties also