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Food observance days in India are unheard of and is a new buzzing concept. While each region is popular with their own style of chutney, each home might have their little secrets too. Marking 24th September as Chutney Day, Mumbai

An illegal ketchup making unit under the name Maa Gayatri Food Enterprises in Medipally was raided by the Special Operation Team (SOT) of Malkajgiri on Thursday. As reported by The Hans India, the ketchup was being made in an unhygienic

To give your Navaratri mornings a boost of health, try making this super-easy Banana Walnut Lassi and have a great day ahead. Celebrate this auspicious occasion with fun, grandeur and delicious food. Print Recipe Navaratri Banana Walnut Lassi Recipe Healthy

Oktoberfest is a grand festival in Germany and the popularity has spread around the globe. Being celebrated in Pune as well, many bars and restaurants have planned various offers and events around this occasion. The lounge we’re talking about takes

In an effort to improve the catering services of the Indian Railways, the minister of Railways of India, Piyush Goyal has asked the officials to mention more information on the food served in trains reports NDTV. Currently the food served

Delicious food, blurry cocktail nights, kick-ass music and loads of fun. This is all Mumbai-ites need to refuel during the weekend. So here are 5 places you can head to for unlimited fun this weekend in Mumbai. Shiro Get ready

Let’s celebrate this auspicious festival with recipes that’ll make fasting easier and tastier. Let’s explore the Sabudana Khichdi which is easy to make and delicious in taste. Print Recipe Navratri Sabudana Khichdi Recipe Easy-To-Make Sabudana Khichdi Recipe! Votes: 0 Rating:

Big consumer goods like Kellogg, Wal-Mart, Nestle and Unilever have planned to standardize food date labels in order to reduce food wastage reports Economic Times. On the standardized labels on the food products there will be expiry date mentioned for

Due to abundant stock supply along with healthy global supply, food prices should remain stable as reported by Economic Times. The prices of wholesale tomatoes and onions had gone up by 50% in the state of Maharashtra which has come

With Sheldon’s numerous restrictions comes his obsession like not eating Thai food with chopsticks and using the fork to put food on the spoon. This can bewilder anyone but her sure has patient friends. This recipe is inspired from Sheldon’s

After being a popular ingredient at Chipotle made out of pork and chicken chunks, chorizo is being phased out by the food chain as reported by Eater. Instead the food chain is focusing on its newly introduced dip – queso.

Navaratri is the time that marks the end of monsoons and the beginning of a grand festive season. The fervour of Dandiya, Falguni Pathak concerts, fasting, aartis and a whole lot of fun is guaranteed in the city. If you’re

Coffee is a popular beverage around the globe and what chai is to India, coffee is to the Middle East. “It is a part of our heritage. The way we have been brought up, coffee has always occupied a vital

On Bella’s first date with Edward she ends up ordering the first thing on the menu – Mushroom Ravioli. She’s eager to talk to him and clearly food is the last thing on her mind but its the first on

We all hate Mondays and Tuesdays, oh well, all work days. But, we’ve always got ways to take a pause, have delicious food and crazy cocktails and rejuvenate! Here are some awesome places you can go and do just that!

In the US during September, everything edible is covered in pumpkin spice or has a pumpkin spice. Easy-to-use products are always there to make it possible for the commoners to use the flavours in homemade dishes. Simply Beyond Food has

Tamtik is brand founded by two mothers and friends. Liat Zvi is an environmentalist and a former ad executive and Anat Errell is a product manager and they have made the chocolate maps of New York, Tel Aviv and London

Twilight books has a more than just blood-sucking vampires, its got mentions of delicious food that’ll make your stomach rumble. Especially the dishes that Bella makes at home. This one is a recipe of the enchiladas she makes as she

The wafting aroma of the Galouti Kebabs at the live counter and the freshly tossed tandoori rotis tempted us to wait for nothing and delve straight into the feast. Such was the grandeur of the royal Awadhi feast prepared at

An electrochemical biosensor developed by the Complutense University of Madrid can detect horse meat adulterating other meat like beef in an hour. The biosensor can detect the adulteration with only 0.5% (w/w) of horse meat. The biosensor can pick up