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In the Daniel Radcliffe starrer ‘What If’, there’s a completely drool-worthy scene when Radcliffe’s character, Wallace describes how to make Elvis’s Fool’s Gold Loaf; a sandwich filled with peanut butter and bacon. It sounds delicious, but over the top indulgent; have it sparingly!

We’ve all been victims of the Facebook loop; we log on for a few minutes as a break and emerge hours later with no idea where time went. Now, Facebook has launched a new feature which will ensure you may

Mumbai, listen up! The Dessert Garden – a beloved celebration of all things sweet – is back this weekend in its sixth glorious edition. It will be taking place at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel and feature sweet treats form

The most iconic drink from the still uber popular Sex and the City is a cosmopolitan; here’s a recipe if you feel like living it up Bradshaw style this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago Unicorn lattes – unicorn drinks, in fact – were all over your Instagram feed. Today, we’re going to play the diviner and introduce you to a new drink which will soon take over your feed;

Online security has been in the spotlight for the past few days. WannaCry, a bug which hijacks files on computers and holds them to ransom has been spreading across the world, while closer to home, popular restaurant discovery and ordering

In ‘Master Of None’ when out with his extended family, Dev orders crispy pork with broccoli, saying “I’m actually not that religious. And I eat pork,” he says. “But it’s okay. Because I’m a good person. And I’m 33 years old, and I can make those decisions, and I can eat what I want. And I want to eat the crispy pork with broccoli.” So do we, Dev. So, here’s a recipe.

Eatonomist, a gourmet food delivery service has reportedly shut down, according to a report from VCC Circle. While the service’s website show’s that it will be back shortly, its Google profile says it is permanently closed. The Eatonomist Service Eatonomist

‘WannaCry’, an ongoing world-wide cyber attack which is still hijacking computers’ files and holding them ransom has been top news over the past few days. A couple of hours after the realise of WannaCry, Marcus Hutchkins accidentally discovered a kill

We’re all familiar with the concept of Subway; head there, select a type of sub bread you want and then the fillings. Recently, Subway India just added another bread option to its menu; flatbreads. Convert Your Submarine Sandwiches With the

A few days ago, we talked about how eating insects can help save the environment. That’s because if people chose to eat insects instead of beef, they’re reducing the amount of resources, energy and emissions needed to raise beef-bearing animals.

In Babette’s Feast, one of the dishes on her seven course menu is Blinis Demidoff. The dish consists of buckwheat pancakes with caviar and sour cream, served with champagne. We’ve put together a recipe inspired by it; take a look.

The summer holidays are almost here and you may have noticed that a lot of your friends are headed to Dubai, the UK or Singapore. Sure, they’re great placed for shopping and sight-seeing, but s survey by Cox& Kings has

Degustibus Hospitality is a well-known name across Mumbai for being the parent of the popular Indigo, Indigo Deli and Neel brands. In the recent months, Degustibus donned a funkier, more laid back hat as it launched the D:OH! All Day

In the hundred foot journey, Madame Mallory substitutes chef interviews for omelette judging; each candidate needs to make a delicious omelette. Here’s a recipe, in case you’re ever in a similar position.

Summer has made its unforgiving presence felt over the past few weeks and we’re running around like crazy monkeys to find a way to handle it. Recently, Natural’s Ice Cream parlour – a brand known for its natural ice cream

Mulund is a popular residential area in Mumbai, so it makes sense it has a lot of family restaurants. Today, we’re sharing a list of the best restaurants in Mulund. The Food Studio The Food Studio is a fine dining

Before Elaine on Seinfield can go with Peterman to Kenya, she has to take a drug test, which comes back positive for opium. She soon realises that the poppy seed muffins she loves are to blame; here’s a recipe for them.

Pre-prepared meal delivery kits are all the rage right now, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The services put together a collection of fresh, measured ingredients as well as recipe cards and then send them over to customers’ houses.

Nissim Ezekiel, the famous Indian poet wrote a lovely little tribute to Irani cafes in Mumbai, with the lines going “Please/Do not spit/Do not sit more/Pay promptly, time is valuable/Do not write letter /Without order refreshment. Indeed, that sums up