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Sometimes, after a long week all you want to do is unwind at a luxurious restaurant with some great food, drinks and conversation. We’ve got you covered; here are the most expensive restaurants in Mumbai that guarantee a good time.

Urban dwellers across India are familiar with the green and white Starbucks logo, which precedes a Starbucks cafe. These cafes offer customers a range of deliciously brewed coffees, teas and food as well as a relaxed dining expereince. Now, Starbucks

In Pretty Little Liars, Season 4, Spencer realises Ezra – spoilers ahead- may have met Alison when she sees him eating a boysenberry pie at a cafe Alison mentioned in her diary. Here’s a recipe for that revelatory pie.

Last week, we introduced you to charcoal lattes, made with activated charcoal. Today, we’re here to tell you that there’s a new addition to the charcoal-activated food trend; pizza. Pizza Goes Goth The activated charcoal pizza, or goth pizza as

Today, Twitter India announced that it would be launching season 2 of #RanveerOnTheRoad which follows celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as he explores local flavours and spices in a particular region. Season 2 will see Chef Brar travel through the Seychelles

Mumbai’s khau gallis offer Mumbaikars sublime (yet cheap) street food dining; it’s no wonder they’re packed to the brim with hoards of people each day. One of the most well-known khau gallis is the Ghatkopar khau galli, near Ghatkopar station

It’s a universally accepted fact that if you’re flying on a plane, the food will be terrible. No matter the airline, there are various reasons why plane food is unappetising and unappealing. The Reasons Behind The Taste According to research,

In Master Of None, Dev downs pulled pork sandwiches in Brooklyn. Here’s a recipe for what we imagine they would have tasted like.

Yesterday, the IRCTC officially launched the Tejas Express, a speedy train which will journey from Mumbai to Goa, giving Mumbaikars a comfortable luxury travel option. The train will have air conditioning, infotainment wi-fi and automatic doors. What we’re most excited

Is hair fall a constant problem plaguing your life? Do you wish your hair was thicker -longer – shinier? No, we’re not about to pitch a new shampoo or serum. Instead, scientists think that rubbing wasabi on your head can

The TV show based on American Gods has been confirmed and we could not be more excited. To celebrate, here’s a recipe for crimson borscht served by Zorya.

Ever since Reliance Jio made its appearance, India has been delighted with the concept of ‘unlimited’ offers from internet to calling. Meanwhile, a pani puri vendor in Gujarat took inspiration from Reliance Jio to create some unlimited offers of his

Last week, culinary big wigs – Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Shagun Mehra and Chef Anahita Dhondy gathered in Brar’s unique TAG Gourmet Kitchen to launch Living Foodz’ Femme Foodies, Asia’s first food truck reality show. The show features 10 contestants;

VIDEO: Easter is celebrated worldwide by making various varieties of sweets, pastries and desserts. Begin your Easter with our simple yet yummy Nutella French Toast. Print Recipe Alternate Method: Recently, we told you that Ferrero is going to be launching

Are you obsessed with space? Then perhaps you should pay a visit to Donutology, a Kansas City based doughnut shop which will be allowing its customers to view a Space Donut – which took a trip to space and back.

Last month, we introduced you to the The Good Life Company (TGL Co), a luxury tea start-up which was looking to raise $1 million in investments. Less than a month later, the tea company has joined hands with actress and

We’ve all been victims of anxiety attacks; wouldn’t you agree that they’re absolutely terrible? There are many ways to ensure that the attacks reduce from practicing yoga to journaling to eating the right foods. Take a look:   Chocolate Chocolate

In Food Wars, a Japanese magna series apple risotto makes an appearance. Here’s a recipe.

If you’ve ever been for a cricket match at Mumabi’s Wankhede stadium and felt a bit peckish, you’d have noticed that food and drinks are priced above and beyond the norm. Now, the stadium has cone under the scanner of

Nutella lovers, sit up straight! Ferrero, the parent company behind the beautiful, gooey chocolate spread has just announced that it is gifting the world an official Nutella cafe. This cafe will be a fitting tribute to the cult- inspiring hazelnut