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In the midst of Mumbai’s hustle and bustle sits an oasis of calm; The Leela Mumbai, an expansive property which offers its guests the chance to unwind right in the heart of the city. The Leela houses a variety of

In Seinfeld, in the Soup Nazi episode George ordered a crab bisque; here’s a recipe to have one at home.

Have you wondered why you simply cannot say no to junk food – the fries, the chips and the doughnuts – despite your best intentions? Researchers in France think that it may have to do with your eating habits as

The summer heat is bearing down upon us all and to help us deal, Cafe Coffee Day has just launched a new dessert section; Over The Top Sundaes. These sundaes are super-loaded and rich, made with a medley of flavours

In one episode of Master Of None, Dev masters a recipe for a delicious spaghetti carbonara. Here’s a recipe you could try to do the same.

Pinterest, a virtual image saving and sharing platform has just launched a new feature which will up your culinary game. Its Lens camera can now recognise dishes and ingredients in photos taken. Ingredients and meal Discovery This is how it’ll

Zomato, a restaurant discovery and online ordering platform may be looking into launching its own delivery service. Currently, it allows users to place orders online at various restaurants in different cities and ties up with third party delivery platforms to

The Mumbai summer is on in full swing and many locals are using their weekends to pack their bags and escape to the hills where the days are cooler and the tempers are lighter. In March, we took a trip

Has your sweet tooth been demanding a serious dose of sugar? Tell it to put those cravings on hold for  a while, because Krispy Kreme jelly beans are on the way. Doughnuts In a Jelly Bean? Krispy Kreme, as you

The world is obsessed with Nutella and so are we. So, today we’re sharing a recipe for a copycat recipe; while we can’t say it tastes as great as the real thing, this one does taste pretty darn good.

When you’re nauseous, probably one of the last things you want to do is eat. However, there are some natural remedies that will help you get over the bout of nausea and these include food. Take a look: Apples The

Immigrants, migrants, travellers and wanderers through the ages have found that the best way to alleviate homesickness is through food. They’ll gather together friends and family from the same areas and spend a day cooking, eating, cooking some more and

Are you a chocolate lover? What are we asking; of course you are. So, we have some exciting news for you; a new study has found a link between eating chocolate and a healthier heart. However, this is more relevant

Today, the world is celebrating Star Wars Day as a tribute to the world of Star Wars. In its honour, we’re sharing a recipe for Bantha Steak Soup. It made its appearance when Bren Kingal gave a spacer a bow of the soup. Here’s a recipe using regular steak without the ootowergs.

Japan is the master of doing weird things with food. Just look at its strangely flavoured Kit Kat obsession. But, we think we’ve reached the holy grail of weirdness with this piece of news – there’s a popsicle company which

The Central government recently announced that the purchase and sale of cattle for slaughter across India is banned. Following this, political parties across the country have (naturally) something to say, as do the Twitterati. The Ban The environment ministry issued

Happy Friday, Mumbai! To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of food events which are happening this weekend and over the next week. Take a look: Myxx Asian Food Festival Myxx, a resto bar in Juhu is holding an Asian

In 2005, Del Monte Foods started a major project in Costa Rica. Today, we’re here to tell you that the project is finally available to the public; pink pineapples are now a thing. Meet The Rose Pineapple Named the Rose

In Flash by L.E Modesitt, Uncle Jonat makes fried apples as a side to pork. Here’s a recipe for them.

We’re all of the opinion that juices are healthy, especially today in a world where cold pressed juice diets are all the rage. However, parents may want to stop sort of sharing their juices with their toddlers. According to the