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In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Snips serves an oat smoothie “with extra hay”. We’re recreating that smoothie, but swapping out that hay for bananas.

If you just can’t wait for St Patrick’s Day and green coloured treats to make their appearance, we’d suggest stopping at a Burger King outlet today. The fast food chain has just re-launched their Oreo Irish Mint Shake with a

Prabhat Dairy, a Maharashtra based dairy brand has announced plans to strengthen its presence in the Gulf region. This comes after the company began supplying sweetened condensed milk to Dubai and Sharjah in June 2016. Introducing The Gulf To Its

Delhi’s iconic, age old dairy brand, Keventer’s has arrived in Mumbai with an outlet on Liking Road. The brand is most popular for its range of milkshakes. Keventer’s Story Keventer’s can trace its origins back to 1925m when Edward Keventer,

In Gilmore Girls after (spoilers ahead), Rory quite Yale she joins the DAR and takes on planning events. At one, she chooses not to serve salmon puffs and Emily never has a fit. Here’s a recipe for those legendary salmon puffs to try at home.

Rasna, Pioma Industries’ soft drink concentrate brand has added to its snacks portfolio with the launch of Rasna Vitos. This is part of the company’s strategy to earn a revenue of Rs.250 crore in the snack category. Rasna Vitos Rasna

After strictly adhering to a low fat, high protein diet (or whatever your diet of choice is), many people reward themselves once a week with a ‘cheat’ meal. Or, even a cheat day where they have carte blanche to devour

What do you do when you need a brother or sister to keep quiet about exploits you don’t necessarily want your parents to know about?  Why, you bribe them, of course. Either you offer them some cold hard cash, assume

Avenue Supermarts, the company which owns the D-Mart chain of retail stores has announced that it will be opening an issue for D-Mart on March 8th. This will allow people to buy shares in the D-Mart brand. Opening IPOs In

In Zootopia, which is an Oscar-nominated movie from Disney this year, prey and predators live in harmony. What, then are predators eating? There are a lot of hints scattered across the movie including allusions to fruit smoothies, breakfast cereal, strawberry mousse and buggy burgers. Since the Oscars are just around the corner, we’re sharing a recipe for strawberry mousse; after all, it’s strawberry season!

The craft beer craze has really caught on in Mumbai as evidenced by the many (many) mini breweries and taprooms which have sprung up across the city. This Sunday, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s finest craft beers all

Paper Boat, known for its range of ethnic drinks, has announced that it will be launching thandai and spiced buttermilk soon. These drinks will come just in time for the turn of season; they’re considered popular summer drinks. Summer Lovin’

In Coraline by Niel Gaiman, Coraline is disgusted when her father makes a ‘recipe: a leek and potato stew. Recreate that moment with this recipe.

A few days ago, we told you about how Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger King and Tim Horton’s, was looking at buying Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen. Now, we’re telling you that its official; the major company just bought

Today, Hindus are celebrating Maha Shivratri a festival in honour of Shiva. Many choose to spend the day fasting and break their fast with a few traditional, calorie rich dishes. We’ve rounded up a list of recipes which will help

Andheri West, as most Mumbaikars would know, is teeming with restaurants and eateries. On the other hand, Andheri East has relatively fewer eating out options. At the same time, it has a large population of residential complexes. What, then are

Eight years ago, Coca-Cola launched soda dispensers which allowed customers to mix classic Coca-Cola drinks like Sprite, Fanta and Coke with a range of ingredients. Using the data about the most common combinations, Coca-Cola launched an exiting new drink: Sprite

The Kolkata based quick service chain, Wow! Momo is reportedly eyeing international expansion. This comes after it announced plans to add 60 outlets across India by 2018. An Ambitious Target The momo chain, which sells a range of fresh, hot

February the 21st saw many a Mumbaikar arrive late for work or clock out early. However, rather than being chastised they were applauded; most had inked fingers that showed that they had cast a vote for the for the Brihanmumbai

Come August this year, the Raghubar Das government will set up a collection of state run liquor shops in Jharkhand.  This will give the government more control over alcohol revenue in the state. In a statement to the press, Avinash