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The baby corn tasted crispy and since i fried it in a tawa it is healthy.

Traditionally slathered over pulled pork, this sauce is good on anything. Use this sauce on barbecued pheasant legs, or on quick-grilled quail.

The best mushroom soup recipe I’ve ever had! Mushroom lovers rejoice, this soup is full of hearty, earthy mushrooms that don’t have to compete with other flavors to shine through. Vegan and fat free, this mushroom soup will quickly become a favorite in your home!

Mushroom Fry is a no-fuss quick recipe that can be made with any kind of mushrooms. This stir fry is popular in Goa and is known as Mushroom Chili Fry. In South Indian, it is commonly known as Mushroom Pepper Fry.

1.Directors Special This Indian Brand is loved for its high-class texture and quality of content. It is easily available PAN India and is a great pick for many people. When looking into the company information, it was first owned by

1.KHARA PONGAL RECIPE Pongal is the most simplest and easiest breakfast recipe. Making pongal at home is a breeze. It has just 2 steps. Cook rice and dal and then do the seasoning. Today we will learn the Tamil style

This is incredibly easy to make; even if you’re stressed out, it won’t topple you over into nervous collapse. It’s such an accommodating kind of cake: it keeps well, indeed it gets better after a few days, and it is perfect either as a pudding, with some creme fraiche, or as cake.

Solution: There really are so many different ways to mince garlic and we hope that what we’re going to explain to you is the ‘perfect method’. So start taking notes. First of all, we’d recommend using a knife and your

Veg Kothe Recipe

Veg Kothe is an Indo- Chinese snack made with lots of veggies and in winters you could easily get a variety of fresh vegetables. Though you get all types of vegetables in all the season nowadays, but in winters you get real freshness. They are crispy and loaded with lots of flavor, sweetness and glaze of honey, tanginess of sauces, and hotness of red chilly and garlic.

Quail Curry Recipe

Quail meat and eggs have more health benefits when compared with chicken. Quail meat is rich in micronutrients and a wide range of vitamins including the B complex, folate and vitamin E and K. It is therefore recommended for people with high cholesterol levels and those who want to maintain a low level of cholesterol.

1.FOUR SEASONS WINE Established in 2006, this brand has red, white and rose wines in its collection; which varies from Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Zinfandel. A winner of several awards, Four Seasons wines is perfect for any formal occasions. 2.SULA WINE This

The classic, iconic Red Velvet Cake! The sponge is soft and velvety, true to it’s name, with a buttery flavour, moist with a hint of chocolate, vanilla and tang from buttermilk.

Solution: There are many ways to melt butter and thankfully, our natural climate helps that happen. If you leave your butter out for 15 minutes or so, it will definitely soften considerably, but remember that if you don’t pay attention

This rainbow swirl cake is easier to make than you may think! Dress up a boxed cake mix. Well this homemade rainbow cake is super simple to make just like those cupcakes!

1.PARMESAN GARLIC PASTA As a carnivore and a dessert lover, making something that doesn’t have meat in it feels like some kind of unbalance. But, this is such an easy and delicious recipe that it doesn’t matter. Plus, once you’ve

1.Pudina Rice Recipe Mint flavored pulao is an easy to make instant rice dish to serve with onion raita in lunch or dinner. 2.Coconut Rice Recipe If you have leftover rice, and some grated coconut then it cannot get tastier

Paneer butter pepper fry mildly spiced batter coated paneer deep fried until slightly browned and later.

Solution: It might be tough at times, but there are ways to make sure that your skillet is nicely cleaned. Use hot water and a sponge or a stiff brush, but don’t use soap or steel wool because it might

Veg Kadai Recipe

Kadai vegetable subzi or curry is a dry curry prepared with mixed vegetables and spices. It goes well with rotis, parathas and rice.

baby corn manchurian recipe | baby corn manchurian dry recipe is basically a street food recipe prepared with baby corns which is loosely based on chinese cooking and seasoning techniques. An ideal starters recipe prepared with manchurian sauce and baby corn fritters. in other words, baby corn manchuri recipe is very similar to gobi manchuri recipe. however, baby corn manchuri recipe would be more spicy as compared to later. moreover, baby corn manchurian recipes are more crispy and more tasty compared to other manchurian recipe.