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Peanut Curry – A quick curry made with groundnuts that goes well with chappatti, rice or bread. This is an easy, authentic dish that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

This quick and easy cheese omelette recipe is perfect for any time of the day & is a great source of affordable protein which is great for growing muscles.

Spicy mushroom masala made in chettinad style. This chettinad mushroom is easy to make at home served with chapati and roti.

Do you have favorite dishes that you order at an Indian restaurant? You can cook them at home and enjoy that lively, spicy taste anytime you want. The recipes are relatively easy if you stock your kitchen with some essential

Butter Chicken or Chicken Butter Masala probably the most preferred Indian chicken dishes popular with all because of its moderate taste and pleasantly rich gravy.

Moong dal payasam also known as pasi paruppu payasam is a traditional dish in South Indian delicacy that is prepared during festivals.

Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert made with maida and sugar syrup. Served during festivals and special occasions.

Rava Burfi Recipe

The delicious sweet made from rava and coconut is an absolute delight.

Uppu Urundai is an easy and healthy South Indian breakfast recipe. It is steamed rice ball flavored with Indian seasonings. Goes well with a spicy chutney.

Malai Ladoo recipe is one of the simplest sweet recipes you can make at home on festivals and occasions.

Mysore pak is a rich Indian sweet dish made from gram flour, sugar and ghee and prepared especially during Diwali. This recipe was very soft, tasty and melted in our mouth.

Thaen mittai is a simple sweet/eatable very famous among kids in Tamilnadu. This sweet which makes everyone go drooling once you start eating it.

Green coffee extract the extract of unroasted, green coffee beans, which is used as an ingredient in weight-loss products. There are many known brands producing green coffee. It is the best choice for weight loss and to stay healthy as well

Ragi Ladoo Recipe

Ragi laddu or ragi laddu recipe is a tasty healthy sweet made with ragi flour or finger millet flour, jaggery, coconut and peanuts.

Mullu Murukku is a very traditional recipe that is made during festivities like diwali. It makes a perfect tea time snack recipe.

Diwali also called Deepavali or the “festival of lights” is one of the most popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated by Hindus all round the world with great pomp and show. Sweets and snacks are prepared and distributed to friends and

Badam Puri Recipe

Badam Puri Sweet recipe is deep fried puri and soaked in sugar syrup! Badam Puris are sweet almond deep fried bread.

It is absolutely simple and yet the mere aroma of it makes your tastebuds asking for more. A classic semi gravy dish that goes well with rotis and parathas.

There can be nothing more relaxing and tempting, than a cup of steaming hot coffee on a cold winter evening. Most people can hardly imagine their day without a coffee. Being rich in antioxidants this drink has a number of

It’s easy to make, quick to get on the table and there are so many different .