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A delicious, quick and healthy alternative to the regular chicken burgers, this Tandoori Chicken Burger is a perfect dish for any time.

1.SALMON BAKED IN FOIL RECIPE A no-fuss, super easy salmon dish that’s baked in foil for the most tender, most flavorful salmon ever! 2.SEARED RIB-EYE STEAK RECIPE I love the way the hot steak wilts the arugula, and how the

This blueberry milkshake recipe is a healthier way to indulge your sweet tooth. Minimal ingredients and minimal guilt make this blueberry.

Simple juice with red dragon fruit also known as pitaya fruit.

1.CHOCOLATE SANDESH RECIPE chocolate sandesh recipe with step by step.Another delicious fudge from west bengal with a chocolaty variation. 2.BENGALI MOONG DAL KHICHDI RECIPE Bengali Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe is always made during durga puja festival. this khichdi is served

Banana appam is a delicious South Indian dish often made during festivals or special occasions.This is one of the kids favorite at home.

Cantaloupe Juice is a tasty and healthy summer special fruit contains higher percentage of water gives cooling and refreshment.

Bheja Masala is very tasty and simple recipe for everyone who loves to eat heavy dishes. It goes well with naan or chapati.

Chicken is marinated in a soy sauce, sake and ginger sauce, then threaded onto skewers and broiled with leeks for an easy, tasty and fun meal.

This coconut dosa is a yummy substitute to the usual dosa. Here is the recipe of the coconut dosa with step by step pictorial procedure.

Egg Samosa Recipe

Egg Samosa is a eggy twist on the regular potato samosa. The filling is spicy egg scramble and the crust is perfectly crispy and crunchy.

Sorakkai kootu recipe is a quick and easy South Indian curry using lentils and bottle gourd. This is a tasty side dish for rice.

Here are 10 Best Bacon Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind. Try them once with our simple easy to make steps! 1.Bacon Wrapped Turkey Legs Recipe Perfect for someone who loves their meat! 2.McDonald’s Style Egg McMuffin Recipe One of

Banana Jam Recipe

This Banana Jam Recipe is a low-cost and delicious homemade food gift you can make during the holiday season.

Ragi Adai Recipe

Ragi adai is a very healthy and tasty breakfast item.This adai recipe is very healthy and tasty.

Kai Murukku Recipe

Kai Murukku is a classic South Indian snack recipe made primarily with rice and urad dal flour and painstakingly shaped by hand.

Egg Cutlet Recipe

Egg Cutlet is a very mouth watering easily made evening snacks. Made from Eggs mainly, is very appealing to kids.

Nandu Rasam Recipe

Nandu / Crab Rasam is very healthy and also good enough to boost your immunity. Crabs are considered to be high in protein and low in fat & calories. This rasam is a best way to beat off cold and flu.

Mudakathan keerai dosa is an authentic healthy dosa served along with some spicy chutney makes an excellent breakfast dish.

Sugarcane juice has many health benefits and can be easily prepared at home for summer days.