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Prawn Paella

For a taste of seaside Spain try this super delicious and simple Paella Recipe. This is a great dinner recipe, also a winner at the parties. I have used Risotto rice for this, a little tip, buy a packet of good quality Risotto rice, and it will last months. The rice is slightly expensive but considering how well it lasts i think it makes sense to buy and keep a packet in the pantry. Especially for days when you don’t know what to cook but you know you wanna eat something really really nice without much effort.

Doesn’t require any cooking. It is loaded with the good stuff, it is super healthy and great for kids too or post workout or a mid day snack.

This is my story, the story of someone whose life changed because of food. I am Khusboo and i am gluten intolerant and living with this condition is extremely tough, this means carefully washing countertops, scrubbing the stove, the microwave,

Possibly the yummiest and the best thing you can do with the leftovers. Needs no or very minimal cooking. This is gluten-free and very low on calories. So eat as much you want. Kids love these too, these rolls also make a fantastic tiffin choice.