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Earlier this year, we told you that Starbucks was working to diminish their carbon footprint by charging for paper cups at certain test locations. However, they are now taking it a step further by diminishing the need for straws altogether

Mango Mojito

One of the best things about a mojito is that you can you can adapt it to suit the fruit that’s in season. This lovely take on a mango mojito is courtesy of Simply Organic, so, if you live your

Bring in the weekend with a bang, as you watch the sunset and unwind by the pool at this super sassy sundowner curated by Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield. Sip on unlimited drinks as you groove to the mélange of music

Choosing a place to eat lunch on a weekday can be a tough task. Not only do you have to appease everyone (we all have that one friend who can’t make up their mind) but you also have to keep

Mango Michelada

Apart from michelada’s looking so damn Instagrammable, they also taste delicious. Since it’s mango season, here’s a delicious Mango Michelada recipe, courtesy of Platings and Pairings, that you’ll definitely want to try this summer. Spoiler Alert: It has got a

Vegans of Bengaluru unite, because the city’s first ever annual vegan festival is here! So, all of you’ll that are already committed to living a cruelty-free life, and those of you who are thinking about making a change, head to

While the mango is said to be the king of fruits, we only get to partake of the delicious fruit for a few months every year. Hence, here’s a delectable rum-based mango cocktail, courtesy of The Tasty Bite Blog, that

We only get to enjoy mangoes a few months in the year so it’s best to make them count! Try out this gorgeous Mango Ginger Fizz cocktail, courtesy of Design Love Fest, for a delicious gin cocktail you’d be loathe

It’s no secret that summer is awaited with the excitement of welcoming the King of Fruits back home after months of relentless cravings. BAR BAR and SHIZUSAN, understand your passionate love towards this ambrosial fruit of the gods (quite literally)

Sneaker companies are no strangers to collaborations with food giants. We all wish we had a pair of Pizza Hut’s pie tops, as well as the Dunkin Donuts sneaker mashup released for the Boston Marathon. Now Allbirds is teaming up

What’s summer if you don’t consume copious amounts of wine, and post non-stop on your Instagram? Well, here’s an invention that is about to make wine drinking a whole lot more fun. Wine kegs are officially here, so you’ll never

If you’re a bit Rosé obsessed, we have the best news ever! Thanks to Brooklyn Brew Shop, now you can make your own sparkling Rosé wine at home! All you gotta do is buy their Sparking Rosé Wine Kit and let the magic

Don’t worry if the name sounds a little more formidable than it is. This whipped cream & orange recipe courtesy of Smirnoff – gives a nice twist to the popular vodka and orange screwdriver. Print Recipe Whipped Cream & Orange

Frosty Coffee

Amp up your cold coffee with a bit of Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka. We promise that you’ll never want to drink a cold coffee vodka-less again!   Print Recipe Frosty Coffee Cold coffee and flavored vodka! Votes: 1 Rating: 4

As a newly hired fresher, it’s pretty common knowledge that money can be a bit, ahem, tight. Thus, it can become pretty standard to have to settle for bottom shelf alcohol (especially as the month end lingers). But, what if

There’s never a bad time to drink Rosé. These days the millennial pink beverage has hit peak popularity (they’ve even got Rosé-infused marshmallows these days). However, there are new ways to drink Rosé popping up every day and one of the cutest

Whiskey Saffron

This World Whisky Day celebrate with a cocktail with an Indian twist. The Whiskey Saffron was conjured up by Radisson Blu Atria mixologist Raj Shekher, and promises to be an intriguing drink. Print Recipe Whiskey Saffron Bourbon whiskey, Indian spices,

It’s been a year since Cafe Felix popped up on our radar as the place for a continental food fix, we’re talking risottos, burgers, milkshakes, cocktails, and desserts. We’re not exaggerating when we say that pretty much everything on the

It’s a basic fact of life that ketchup goes with pretty much anything. However, if we’re being perfectly honest, there are some things that even ketchup shouldn’t be a part of. Cue the pictures of Heinz Ketchup ice cream that

Along with the blistering heat, summer does bring quite a few perks. Starbucks recently announced that they would be selling cocktail flavored lollipops this summer so you can get your sugar rush in the best way possible. The best part?