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It’s the season of colder days and warmer drinks. Well, almost. However, there’s never a bad time for a hot chocolate and this Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate is a winner! Home Cooking Memories has sure come out with the

We all know why October is a great month for most of us – hint: it involves copious amounts of beer and German roots. If flying all the way to Munich is out of your budget this Oktoberfest (but still

The Walking Dead has become something of a cult classic. Even for those of us who don’t watch the show, social media and memes always keep us updated. However, if you are a fan of the series and fancy yourself

The internet can be dark and full of terrors, especially when it comes to food. Someone once made a peeps pizza and another dipped their pizza into milk (why do so many of these examples involve pizza?). However, in light

The pumpkin spice apocalypse is upon us, and even Martha Stewart is tired of it. While we’ve gotten accustomed to the PSL’s, and various pumpkin spice flavoured candy, nothing could have prepared us for the latest passenger on the pumpkin

This Oktoberfest, celebrate in an actual Biergarten! If you’re looking to experience the real thing, complete with outdoor bench seating and 1-liter mugs of beer then head over to the Biergarten in Whitefield for an authentic Oktoberfest experience! The Biergarten

If you (like me) thought that the Carolina Reaper was the world’s hottest pepper, you would be wrong. It turns out that there are 2 chilis which have much higher Scovilles per unit. The Dragon’s Breath Chili invented by a

Everyone must have a faint recollection of when Jesus turned the water into wine in the Bible (we see memes about it, so it must be fairly mainstream). Well, guess what? Now you can turn water into Prosecco, which we

All Blade Runner fans will know that Rick Deckard’s drink of choice was Johnnie Walker Black Label and that seems to be true of the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 as well. Now, if you’re a whiskey lover as well as

The Harvest

If you’re a cinnamon lover then you will really enjoy this cocktail! The Harvest combines cinnamon syrup, apple butter and cognac for a sweet and smooth delight that will keep you buzzed all night! Print Recipe The Harvest Votes: 1

Shangri-La is turning 2 years old this September 24th and, obviously, there’s going to be a massive celebration! The best part? You can be a part of it (yay)! The hotel’s culinary brigade spearheaded by Executive Chef Anurudh Khanna will

It seems that Oreo can do no wrong. Each and every product they’ve released has been met with open arms and loads of appreciation. But now, they’ve truly done it! An Oreo Hot Cocoa mix now exists and it could be

We were all excited upon hearing about the Stranger Things themed pop-up bar in Chicago, The Upside Down (even though we had absolutely no chance of ever making it there). However, it seems as though The Upside Down creators didn’t

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Nutella (just FYI they do exist). So, when we heard the news that Nutella chocolate bars had dropped in the UK we immediately made plans to immigrate. Just kidding! We were

Well, it’s past August 31st, so it’s officially the season of thanks and giving (see what I did there?) and colder weather (not the amazing song). Try out this Apple Cider Hot Toddy by Cookie and Kate to warm the

It’s 2017, yet surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) you don’t have to look far to see sexism rear its ugly head in everyday life. From siblings trying to ‘toughen up’ their younger brother, to your mother telling you that “Girls shouldn’t use that

We all know SodaBottleOpenerWala as that delightful restaurant with an Irani Cafe feel and killer Parsi food. However, they are also home to some amazing ‘exotic’ (their word, not mine) cocktails with quirky names that sound oh, so delicious. The

Food as art is a concept that has been explored a lot more in this day and age. From the intricate avocado art to those sushi pumps that keep popping up on our newsfeed, food art is gorgeous (not to mention,

If you were planning a holiday to Goa during the festive season and imagined leisurely sipping beer on the way to breakfast (oh, is that just me?) then think again! Goa’s Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has announced that the government

In all the fuss over the new pumpkin spice everything (literally) we almost missed the news that Cheerios are dropping a chocolate peanut butter flavour! So, if you’re a serial cereal lover with a love of PB and chocolate then