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Chennai, are you ready to spend your Christmas weekend in the best way possible? Here’s a perfect chance for you to have a beautiful Saturday evening filled with laughter, wine and all things fine! And it’s Christmas! Do we need

Savour age-old traditional recipes from the culinary-rich land Punjab as Punjab Grill– the flagship restaurant from the house of Lite Bite Foods is all set to introduce its new winter menu. This unique menu features winter delicacies to bring the

“The world loves meat. But relying on cows to make meat is land-hungry, water-thirsty, and pollution-heavy. That’s why we set out to do the impossible: make delicious meats that are good for people and the planet. It all starts with

In March, the food safety department put a figure on food establishments in Chennai, including pushcart vendors, retailers, provisional stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, fruits and vegetable shops and units that engage in making sweets and savouries. Out of the 32,002,

A beautiful evening with Bertacchini Maurizio from Folanari taught us to appreciate a fine selection of wines.  It was an introduction to the 3 Folonari wines brought into the Chennai market by a wine distributor, Ace Beveragez. Ace Beveragez, a key

Sri Rao was one of the first American-born screenwriters to work on Bollywood films, and he’s learned a lot about bridging the two cultures along the way. He’s applied those insights in his new cookbook, The Bollywood Kitchen, which is full of easy-to-follow recipes

If you thought the usual pizza or other American dishes must have topped the list of most-ordered on UberEats; Uber’s food ordering platform in India, you thought wrong. Guess what topped the list? The good old samosa chole, biriyani  and

Located strategically in the fast-growing commercial hub of Chennai, Sunset Grill at The Westin, this restaurant has an air of seclusion—a splendid mix that provides equal measures of relaxation and excitement. The infinity pool tempts by day, but an undeniable highlight

Remember Oreo’s new mystery flavour that was revealed last week? If you had guessed Fruity Pebbles, you were right. Now, that’s not it. Oreo has just announced a deluge of new Oreo flavours coming very, very soon. Coming Soon! Limited

Chennai’s very own vibrant informal dining restaurant, Courtyard by Marriott serves international cuisine with a special focus on authentic South Indian flavours. Their menu caters to guests from all over the country, and as well as to the people of

The  Asian Stir Fry Restaurant from the house of The Raintree, St.Mary’s Road has come up with a whole new variety of dishes for its new menu. The first of its kind in Chennai, with a do-it-yourself stir-fry station, Chap Chay offers authentic

A must-have on the Christmas table, these moist, crumbly, dried-fruit laden, rum-soaked, round or rectangular cakes speak of some planning and loads of love put in by those baking them. You cannot have a Christmas without digging into delectable cakes.

For all the couch potatoes out there, add a bit of magic to your life! A wand that delivers your favourite meal with just a flick of your wrist! The device uses soundwave technology to connect the wand to the diner’s

Out of all the US airlines, Hawaiian Airlines has the most unhealthy in-flight meals, according to the study published by Charles Platkin, Ph.D., the director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and editor of UP IN THE AIR Hawaiian’s

Dhaba Chicken Curry is an easy-to-cook North Indian recipe which is sure to be loved by everyone! This classic curry will definitely back memories of stopping at Dhabas along the highway while road tripping with your family. This yummy chicken

Is it a store? Is it a restaurant? No! It’s food experience at its best! A hybrid of e-commerce and physical shopping, Hema is calculated to appeal to a generation of Chinese consumers who live life through their smartphones. You can pull live

Frying an egg is so easy that most of us could do it with our eyes closed because cracking an egg into a pan and waiting until it’s cooked doesn’t require much skill. Now it can get complicated because if you’re

Michelin Star is a hallmark of fine dining quality and restaurants around the world. Gordon Ramsay cried when the Michel Guide stripped the starts from his New York restaurant. Ramsay later said that losing the stars was like “losing girlfriend”.

A quick and easy recipe, Peanut Curry is a popular Maharashtrian dish. The addition of grounded peanuts makes the gravy rich and creamy and goes well with dosa and chapati.  

An international favourite, the charm of Thai food depends on flavour; each Thai dish has more than 3-4 flavours. The ingredients of each dish help not only harmonize all different flavours but also make delicious. Miniature eggplants with their bitter flavour