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Making Caramel can be a daunting thing for anyone who isn’t a pastry chef. How much heat should you set your stove at? Do you need a thermometer? Has the caramel burnt or is it supposed  to be this dark

Making cupcakes is a whole lot of fun and there are recipes available for any flavour combination your heart desires. But when it comes to icing or frosting the cupcakes, we all get a little intimidated. It is actually not

When we think of regional cuisine, the first thing we think of is home cooked food or places that serve them. You automatically know that you will get something special when recipes used and techniques followed are those that have

The truck was found hours later, but the it had been emptied of all food and drinks. Terry Sept, owner of Smokehouse BBQ, said the truck was recovered just before 1 p.m., hours after it went missing from the restaurant parking

Chennai is a sweet city and we love it and its vibrance. Even though there are plenty of delicious varieties of sweets to be found in Chennai, we think that these 5 unique desserts that you get here are an

Wouldn’t you love to be part of the Bloomberg team that researches the trends and prices in Sushi across America? For the past six years, Bloomberg has decided to keep an eye on what it’s dubbed “Sushinomics” – the price

The makers of tasty and delectable hand-crafted Indian snacks, has launched ‘Mini Pickles’. Each packet comes in 20 grams and are available in three flavours – Lemon, Sweet Mango and Mango. Without any use of artificial flavours or colours, they are handmade from age old

This Blueberry Ice cream will not turn you into a Giant Blueberry like what happened to Violet Beuregarde, but it is the perfect treat to eat while you re live Roald Dahls wonderful magic reading the book. This recipe is

Galouti kebabs anyone ? If you have never eaten at the Great Kebab Factory at The Radisson Blu, Guindy Chennai, this is the perfect opportunity. If you already have been there then you know that they leave no stone un-turned

Ankit Kawatra started Feeding India with a simple dream. A simple dream but one that is a huge problem the world and needs more effort taken in every country, neighbourhood and street. Feeding India is an organisation that works towards

Moqueca is a traditional Brazilian Fish Stew. In the movie Woman on Top, Isabella can mesmerize palates with her cooking…and men…wherever she goes.  Fleeing from her cheating husband and their restaurant in her native Brazil, she lands in San Francisco

Have you ever noticed children being extremely fussy about their food and their parent trying everything to just get them to eat something?  Well maybe, its not just them being fussy. Maybe they are cranky because of certain types of

Think of Punjabi Cuisine and you will think of one of the most comforting array of foods we have in this country. A Tandoori platter, Dal Makhani or a succulent and creamy Butter Chicken immediately come to mind.  The Rajma

Mary Poppins isa beloved character to any child and adult who has ever encountered her. Combining a strict discipline along with some magic, she has taught us all how to be well mannered and also have a bit of fun

Who doesn’t love mangoes? Maybe there are those who don’t but they are a very rare breed of people. The  luscious sweet  mango has the ability to get almost anyone drooling and swooning. All these people will be delighted in

When you think about taste, you automatically think of the taste buds and the flavours that taste. We  don’t think about all the other factors that are influencing why we like certain foods and why we don’t like others. Turns

American restaurant chain Z&H Hospitality is set to launch its frozen yogurt brand Yogurt Lab in India by the end of this year. The company, which operates Yogurt Lab outlets in the US, plans to open 50-70 outlets in India

In Pooh Bears book, Honey is always number 1. He is inseparable from it and any excuse to get more honey from anywhere is always on his mind. Although pure honey straight up is his most favourite, we are sure

The Chennai Cooking Challenge  has been organising events to promote the healthy spirit of competition and a love of food since May. This time round, they are calling upon all Biriyani Connoisseurs. With the aim of creating a communal experience

Do you think you have an over active imagination? Do your friends make fun of you for constantly finding patterns in random things? Well, you can now put your unique skills and your love for Cheetos to the test and