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They call it “death wish coffee”, the world’s strongest coffee made by Black Insomnia Coffee. The South African brand claims that it is the world’s strongest coffee and honestly, we won’t be surprised if it is. After all, it has

If there’s one thing that will never change it’s that Japan has some of the world’s weirdest and wackiest ideas when it comes to food. We might knock them down, but truly, they are quite spectacular. And we’re not talking

Bread and egg is a staple breakfast treat. It is easy and it’s quick and it’s not as messy as cutting up a whole lot of ingredients. All you really need is bread and egg. But to make things a

Three ingredients is all it takes!

Pan-Asian food is a Chennai favourite. There are restaurants galore that serve different kinds of Asian food to fit into the Pan-Asian genre. But what makes Va Pho a different kind of Pan-Asian restaurant is the fact that they don’t

Unicorns have always been such a big deal for people. Even as a kid, unicorns were just so magical. But now, as an adult, I think we should all have reached our limit. The mystical creature is always associated with

Folks in Bangalore are familiar with Holy Cow Hospitality and their three main brands – Plan B, Mother Cluckers Bar and Siam Trading Co. Thai Bar + Kitchen. But in the last three years, Chennai has come to know of

Six stations for the Southern Railway will be getting food plazas and IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) working on plans to widen the food options for passengers. The plans include setting up the food plazas at the Trichy

Just in case you thought there hadn’t been any weird news this week, we’re here to burst that bubble. Yes, it sounds unbelievably gross and is probably strange the more you think about it, but there is a brewery that’s

When in Chennai, Mylapore should be your one stop tourist destination. This area is one of the oldest residential parts of the city and is home to various religious places as well. The Kapaleeswarar Temple, Ramakrishna Math, Santhome Basilica and

Have you ever had this totally random craving for something sweet while you’re either lazing around and reading or spending an entire night binge-watching a new show on Netflix? Shravya Reddy of House of Gables did and that’s how she

If you’ve been reading the news, then you know that the world has suddenly become even more healthy than it used to be six months ago. Everybody is looking to eat healthy, getting rid of the saturated fat and other

Folks in Hyderabad, there’s something special happening in your city. Swiggy has joined hands with The Thick Shake Factory to create a brand new shake that you can order via the Swiggy app. Aptly called The Swiggy Shake, the shake

The Great Indian Kebab Festival has arrived in Chennai and it is going to be in the city all the way into the middle of April. And with it, comes delicious kebabs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, special dishes that you

After two years of success, hyper-local delivery start-up, Genie is shutting shop. The Chennai-based start-up announced that the reason for the closure is because of the insufficiency of funds and lack of investor interest. The founders took to a Facebook

Every year, the American Copy Editors Society gathers to discuss and debate everything from grammar to style to even the use of the Oxford comma. But what really is the focus of the conference is the Associated Press Stylebook, which

Swiggy, the popular online food delivery start-up, is apparently in talks with potential investors to raise at least $50 million in fresh funding. If this comes through, it will give the company a big boost over Zomato. This was reported

Believe it or not, this is not a joke. A temple in the suburb of Padappai has switched from traditional offerings of tamarind rice and sweet pongal to burgers, brownies, cracker sandwiches and cherry tomato salads. And if you’re wondering

When Hillary Clinton was campaigning and on the trail to win the 2016 elections, a female-run distillery in Washington D.C spent months creating something worthy of celebrating the first female President of the United States. When the election happened and

Ugadi is the New Year for the Telugu and Kannada communities in the country and like many Indian festivals, the date is set based on calculations of the position of the moon. As it is a new year celebration, the