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Popular Indian television actor Aamir Ali, who is known for his work in telenovelas like FIR and Bhaskar Bharti, is adding yet another feather to his hat. The actor is all set to step foot in the hospitality industry with

Domino’s Pizza’s Indian wing has recently undergone some major change and we’re wondering whether you’ve noticed the same. The popular global pizza chain has revamped the way it makes its pizzas, almost as if having read our minds! How often

Poverty and hunger are as widespread as any food trend (the irony) and while most of us may skip a meal or two for reasons best known to our weighing scale, there are some people who don’t even have that

The world is fast catching up with healthy and nutritious eating and moreover procuring food that is grown with a minimum amount of chemical. In other words, organic farming is the next big thing in the agricultural space. And popular

And we’re not even exaggerating. Just as we thought eccentric food trends had become passé, Taco Bell has gone ahead and rolled out an edible explosive. Move over naked chicken chips and star-shaped cheese, because the fast food joint is

When we say India, we don’t mean Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata or even the national Capital, Delhi. The five alphabets refer to the entire 3.3 million square kilometers that represent the country, they refer to the 29 states and

Hello there, national holiday! Ok don’t judge us. We know it’s India’s 69th Independence Day so relax. So what’s cooking today? What! No tri-colored munchies?! What kind of an unpatriotic foodie are you? And yes, now we are totally judging.

Eating mutton is not just about savouring the delicious meats portions. A popular delicacy among meat-eaters across the globe is the liver. In India, the liver is often marinated and then dry-cooked with spices. The widely savoured goat liver finds

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had just the right balance between junk food and healthy grubs. The polls featured quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including

Indian food, whether sweet or savoury, is easily the all-round choice for every occasion. Whether it’s for a cozy teatime tête-à-tête, a wholesome dinner, or even for satiating those untimely cravings, Indian cuisine has just the variety to pick from.

From all his accolades, critical acclaim, and fandom, if there is one thing that we’ve gathered about Akshay Kumar is that the man can do just about anything. From being a martial arts expert, an actor par excellence, and a

If you’ve ever stepped foot in India’s “nawabi central”, a.k.a. Lucknow, and you have a penchant for impeccable non-vegetarian food, then you must have visited the city’s popular Tunday Kebab. The place is popular for its rich meat offerings, of

Lamb Quiche Recipe

Quiches are a great way of saying “hey, here are a bunch of downright delicious ingredients that I’ve combined and baked into one even better – and scrumptious – piece of pie”. Because that is exactly what quiches are, a

Nestle India’s instant noodle brand, Maggi, may have had a rough patch last year, but it is well back up on its two feet. Catching up to ITC’s Sunfeast Yippee! noodle to regain it’s number 1 spot even (and the

Who said we couldn’t have extended celebrations, especially when it comes eating, drinking, and making merry? The Beer Café gives you more reason to celebrate with its ‘International Beer Month’ celebration. The festivity will run till August 31st across all

It often happens that we have a massive craving for a particular kind of food, say cookies, and not every bakery, restaurant and/or shop can satiate our hunger for the same. And so we venture out on a hunt for

What’s better than a golden baked pie? A soft baked pie with some chicken, cheese, and egg! Otherwise known as quiche. Set in a delicious pastry crust, the dish packs a delicious punch with ingredients like veggies, cheese, mild seasoning,

As delicious as plain ol’ milk with a spoonful of sugar can be, it is always yummier with a dollop of Complan or Horlicks or whatever it is that you relish (instant rewind to a warm summer vacation evening). Most

Cookies are bakes everyone loves. Seriously, have you heard anyone saying they don’t like cookies? Team it with chai, your morning cuppa, with cold milk or simply munch on some as snack. Which is why you should know where to

We get hard-sell marketing and we get that sometimes advertising needs to be really curt to get the point across. But that should in now way entail putting someone down in the process, let alone using actual health problems to