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Bengali cooks sure know how to whip up some truly rich and sinfully amazing sweets. Sweets that can make all your tarts, pastries, and puddings look way basic. One particular dish that totally trumps all other mishtis is the cream

You haven’t made it big unless your beverage flask screams out ‘FABULOUS’. At least that’s what singing sensation Jennifer Lopez believes, and we’re totally on board! Her pre-stardom days may have been basic but she’s not having any of that

Despite having a wide array of super foods at our disposal, fast foods and junk foods continue to be an integral part of our diet. And with brands like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more feeding us

Celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel was recently in Brooklyn, and while in the NYC borough, he went around local bars talking to bartenders. These conversations were more questions than chat, with Kimmel firing some bizarre at the drink makers, who revealed

Move over Cosmo, Bloody Mary and Screwdriver because the bar just got spooked in the most delicious way possible. The adults are all set to party so why not give them some Halloween infused potions? And nothing shouts out Halloween

If you’ve ever binged at a hardcore seafood restaurant, you must be well acquainted with clams, a kind of saltwater shellfish specie. One particular group of clams is also referred to as scallops, a gorgeous fan-shaped seafood that is highly

Delhi is just getting started with the party season and with the slight dip in mercury, we’ve got just the perfect weather to line up our calendars with events and festivals. And honestly, we’re done weathering out the sun and

Listen up Miami, Don’t Stop The Party because international pop icon Pitbull (nee Armando Christian Perez) is all set to launch hi restaurant at Ocean Drive, South Beach. According to The Real Deal Miami, the singer and rapper will launch

We’ve seen, heard, eaten, and even learnt how to make soya chaap, and trust us when we say this, they are delicious! But of course, opinions may seem to vary, especially is you’re a meat eater and like to steer

Bread is a vital part of our life. The food, which is consumed in a variety of forms across various cuisines, regions, and cultures, has found its way into every household. The food item has been around for quit some

Happy Diwali, foodies! Now that the Capital has been devoid of crackers and the rest of the country (hopefully) knows better after last year’s smoky Diwali, the one thing that has all our devoted attention is food. Especially if it

Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has had a long standing connect with meat – what with his byson-eating stint in The Revenant – but he sure wants to put his money where the greens are. Food start-up Beyond Meat recently

What’s a morning without any coffee? Incomplete. Torture. Wrong. Not only is coffee an amazingly delicious beverage, but also the caffeine sure is one of the best things to happen to mankind. At least the chunk of mankind that needs

A rather exotic player in the Capital’s street food scene, shawarmas successfully earned a spot among the top favorites of locals all across NCR. And staying true to the Demand-Supply hoopla, restaurants and food kiosks constantly thrive to up their

B Natural, the fruit beverage brand from ITC Limited is launching a unique festive gifting pack to celebrate in a special manner the festival of lights – Diwali. The gifting pack known as the “Lamp of Purity” which is a

With holiday season just round the corner, it’s only tradition that we load up some sugar in anticipation. And TV show host Jimmy Fallon is giving us just the dessert to do that with – an all-new ice cream flavour

Italian sausages are a delight, whether consumed grilled, cooked and served with pasta, or sautéed and served with some grilled veggies or a warm bowl of Italian sausage soup. The Italian soup is a calming and delicious mix of signature

This festive season, step up your gifting game with a swanky hamper from Radisson. Radisson Noida brings alive the effervescence of this festive season with an array of intriguing Diwali Hampers starting at just INR 1500. Choose from a delightful assortment

With Diwali around the corner, Roseate House and The Roseate New Delhi are all set with an outstanding line up of luxury experiences. From exquisite spa treatments to luxurious stay packages and dazzling selections of delectable dining options, get ready