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A vegetarian favorite, the chili paneer dry is an integral part of every Indian Chinese meal. The dish is also had in a gravy-ed version, but the dry rendition is more favored due to its excellent ‘starter’ traits. Chili paneer

Mawa is also known as khoya (or khoa), which is a popular dairy product consumed widely in India and its neighboring countries. The ingredient is used a lot in making sweets. Khoya is made with full cream or full-fat milk

Are you a logo junkie? Do you never forget pictures, signs, or symbols once you see them? Do you pride yourself with an impeccable visual memory? Well, here’s a quiz to test your logo prowess. Let’s see how well you

Delayed flights or a long layover? Do you need to find a place to catch a quick drink to unwind before you take off? Bangalore Airport has a great offer in store for all beer lovers to simply relax while

There are always days providing you great excuses to knock back a few beers, but the one truly celebration in the name of beer is officially celebrated on August 3, 2018. To celebrate International Beer Day, Roseate Hotels & Resorts

Cookies are an excellent way to snack with or without a beverage to wash them down with. And while cookies and biscuits may mostly be condiments of the Western Hemisphere, Indian bakeries and chai tapris (street side tea stalls) too have a spicy

Much like its title, this quiz too is supremely basic. All you have to do is look at a picture and tell us whether the food in the given image is ‘option A’ or ‘option B’. Though the quiz sounds

The fast-paced life has got all of us rushing through the day without any rest or relaxation. The invariable result is truckloads of stress and in some cases anxiety. But a recent study suggests that you can tackle stress and

Being mindful of how much protein goes into your diet is not something that concerns only bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. The nutrient is essential to a healthy body and its deficiency could result in weak muscles. To highlight the lack

Following a nation-wide embargo on using newspapers for wrapping food, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now banned the practice in Jammu & Kashmir as well. The decision has been taken citing health hazards linked with

Chinese is a cuisine of many gravies and sauces. Be it with poultry, fish, shellfish, or even vegetables, the Chinese know how to sauce up their gravies just right, with each gravy better than the other. One such awesome preparation

When it comes to identifying food, we’ve tested your visual skills on more occasions than one and with more quizzes than one. But, what about the audio? The recent food pronunciation quiz got some interesting results and we thought we’d

Food adulteration is a real and mounting issue. And the most recent target that is being mixed with unhealthy and inedible adulterants is cumin (jeera). The spice is being mixed with inferior quality fennel or dill seed (suwa dana) that

It’s the era of technology and with digital media largely overshadowing other modes of communication almost every household is hooked to the Internet. In light of this modern day development, cooking shows have been replaced by YouTube cooking channel. Picking

The monsoon showers are best paired with traditional desi snacks. From the piping hot samosas and kachoris to the quintessential street-side chaats and gol gappas, we love ourselves some zesty street food to go with the downpour. However, folks in

The best thing about pasta is that not only can it be tweaked, dumbed down, sauced up, and customized in a number of ways but the ease of making the dish can also be chosen according to your mood, the

Looking for a job that comes with benefits like unlimited food, a dreamy location, and tens of reasons to binge on Nutella? Well, you might just be in luck because Italian chocolate manufacturer, Ferrero, is looking for 60 “sensory judges”

Within a few years of its conception and launch, Swiggy has gone on to become one of India’s most loved, trusted, and hassle-free food delivery platforms. With a presence in most major Indian cities, the delivery platform is now taking

With the title for the best selling cookie in the world, more than 450 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since their debut. So it is a given that almost every nook and corner of this globe is well acquainted

Cajoling your young ones into eating greens and veggies that they don’t like is a battle fought by almost every parent on every continent during every meal time. Of course, the parents only have their child’s good health and best