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We’ve all heard the saying “we are what we eat”, right? How about we tweak that into “ we wear what we eat”? Because that is exactly what you’ll want to do after seeing this pizza gown created by Olivia

We all agree that airplane food isn’t the best. Whether it is due to scientific or biological reasons or simply because in-flight food is bad (barring a few exception of course), we’d rather just grab a coffee and sandwich from

It’s IPL season, the 10th IPL season that too, so it calls for a special level of celebration, festivities, binge watching, and eating (of course). No match is complete without some chilled pint and snacks to nervous hog on, right?

It’s vital to start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. And the one thing more important than health and nutrition in a breakfast is taste and appearance, especially if we’re eating out of a box that has a

Delhi is a mélange of a bunch of fragments, each with its own characteristic and each more vibrant, lively, and vivacious than the other. From the bustling streets of old Delhi to the studious lanes of North Campus, the Capital

They say Hell is the worst imaginable place with stuff like Satan boiling people in hot oil, fiery hot floors, and the works. But not when you’re in Gordon Ramsay’s version of hell! Of course, the acidic tongue makes up

Summer (and humidity) is in the air so a tall glass of some chilled fruity mocktail isn’t exactly the worst thing. Especially, is it’s being shaken up by Yauatcha’s Chef Wang Yixuan! The fruit drink, christened the Tokyo Cooler, comes

The market for agricultural and milk products is huge in India. However, there does come a divide when you move south, with a whole different bunch of players in the arena as compared to the North. However, one popular South

You may think that residing in the world’s most royal quarters and calling the Buckingham Palace home means having the best of chefs, recipes, and spreads at your disposal (maybe even a big Coke button like President Trump!). And while

Who said bags of chips were just air and some chips? Doritos just proved us al wrong by rolling out a bag that has chips, air, and, music! That’s right, the popular corn chips company launched a special musical bag

The only thing better than a loaf of golden toasted bread roll is a golden toasted bread roll stuffed with some garlic, cheese, and the works, otherwise known as the mighty pull apart bread! The loaf of bread is in

Last week we asked you to identify some popular food and restaurants mascots, and spoke at length about the importance of visual imagery, advertising, and pictographic advertising. Sticking along those same lines, this week we take it a notch higher

Delhi! Skip the dhabas and pubs this week to relish some delicious food from Odisha. That’s right; gear your palate up for a lavish meal, a.k.a. the Jagannath Bhog, as you douse your senses in the cultural and traditional prosperity

Mondays may come along with a whole bunch of blues and also may not be the best day of the week to eat out, especially not this coming Monday as it will have one extra added “blue” to it. To

When it comes to tea – or for that matter any kind of beverage with more than one ingredient like coffee, milkshakes, etc. – there are always various options that come tagged along with it. For example, what kind of

Pasta Chips Recipe

In how many ways have you tried to cook or prepare your pasta? As a pasta salad, as a pie (read, spaghetti pie), slow cooked in your choice of sauce, or event deep-fried as fritters? But did you know that

Residing or having your office in THE White House is nothing short of prestigious. And with that prestige comes a long list of luxuries and extravagant amenities, which, despite the opulence and lavishness of his previous house, President Donald Trump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, devoid of the Internet, you would be aware of the fiasco that was a recent Pepsi ad commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. The ad, which was released during the first week of April, shows

Say what you want to and judge us all you want, but a teeny tiny portion of our heart does beat for some piping hot Hawaiian pizza, a.k.a. pineapple pizza, a.k.a. a blend of spicy, fruity, and tropical ingredients like

The Internet (and multiple trusted dictionaries as well) says it’s “beeves”, by the way. Yep, come out of your holes all you grammar Nazis and English language experts because we’ve got some major beef (pun intended) with the Singular-Plural sensibility