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The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and drinks-related opinion polls. From a up and coming make up trend that draws inspiration from one of the most popular frozen desserts to taking a call on whether mirror

Butter chicken and biryani as two separate dishes do not need an introduction. The chicken preparation with its signature rich tomato-cream-butter gravy and the slow cooked rice dish are known far and wide for their unmatched culinary awesomeness. And rightly

Most of us who’ve grown up – or have a distinct memory of – the 90s, would have eaten the then popular Modern Bread (yes, the same brand that had a separate “sweet bread” and “fruity bread”). Unfortunately, the bread

Since he has assumed office, President Donald Trump has been anything but traditional in doing things. From the upheaval of the former POTUS’ health care program to proposing a ban on the entry of immigrants, Mr. President has been quite,

Pork Jadoh Recipe

Pork Jadoh (or simply ‘jadoh’) is a rice and meat based dish widely loved and gobbled in Meghalaya. The preparation is made using short grain rice (locally called joha rice) and pork (usually it’s pork, other meats can also be

While most of us live and enjoy the best of lifestyles compete with a good home, jobs, and family, there are still many more who yearn for these basic amenities. Yes, we are referring to the millions of refugees who

India is a land of a number of spices, which invariably means a wide array of curries and gravies. From the smoky maacher jhol in West Bengal to the fiery Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, there is a whole delicious lot to

Food trends are amazing, food trends are gorgeous, and some are downright works of art. One such trend that took the dessert industry around the world by storm was the mirror-glazed cake trend. Brought into the social media spotlight by

This month, Delhi stood witness to the grand launch of India’s first Ayurveda-based Chef’s Retreat, Healing Recipes–Back to Roots, hosted by The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala. Ace chef Manjit Singh Gill and Jt. Managing Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Mrs

Despicable Me 3 hit theatres this month and the movie has had all the minion fans going bananas with Gru and the gang’s “criminal minds”. And now McDonald’s India will also join in the minion lovin’ with a whole range

The list of celebrities who own their own line of alcohol is quite a long one and a name that belongs on that list, which most of us may not know of is George Clooney’s who founded a tequila brand.

Sunday marks the beginning of the much-awaited Eid-al-Fitr, which means that quite a lot of household will be rolling out a lavish feast complete with a gorgeous amount of meats and sweetmeats. From a variety of rich halwas to some

Having stayed in the Indian subcontinent (the northern half, to be specific) all my life, the one question that has haunted me before every meal is “rice or roti”? And it’s not so much the question than the actual answer

With a rising number of offices and an ever mushrooming young corporate crowd budding, it is safe to say that Gurgaon has become the hotspot for cafés, microbreweries, pubs, takeaways, health-focused eateries, and almost every form of business model the

Joining the league of celebrity chefs who’ve made their way to our gadget screens is Chef Kunal Kapur with an all new food web series. Kapur will guide us through the Australian gastro world with #TravelWithKunal, a seven episode web

They are the worst kind of street food, tbh. Momos have of late garnered quite a lot of negative spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped Delhi from hogging on this loved street food, has it? Because that’s just how awesome these

After creating quite an impression after his 300th ODI at the recent Champion Trophy, Yuvraj Singh has some more news for all of us. The star cricketer has been signed on as the brand ambassador of restaurant reservation and booking

Crab Kofta Recipe

Crab koftas are a contemporary Indian preparation that bring together the art of cooking the widely consumed shellfish with traditional Indian koftas that are baked or deep-fried balls made of any minced meat, shredded vegetable or even crumbled tofu or

It is safe to say that most of us, no matter where we live, have been to a Starbucks store at least once in our life. And that’s possibly because the coffee giant has over 21,000 outlets worldwide and serves

To follow up two super successful momo extravaganzas in the Capital, GoBuzzinga is back with the third chapter of its delightful momo fiesta in Delhi! And if you thought that the first and second editions were big, wait till you