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There are 2 major factors that can help to build strong bone: vitamin D and calcium. While Calcium strengthens structures of your teeth and bones, vitamin D boosts calcium absorption and bone development faster. They play a crucial role in

Argan oil, also called liquid gold, found in a small area of Morocco, is produced from the argan tree’s nuts. In the past, this ingredient was majorly used by the Morocco’s Berber women, but now it is commonly used all

Lentil is a very popular food material in the world. Lentil is available worldwide so that people can buy it with ease from any food store, both in raw and canned forms. Today, let’s take a look and do these

Beef is one of the most commonly used food materialin the world. In the article today, beef lovers will have chance to look at some of the most delicious and healthy beef recipes that everyone can make at home with

Depression can be due to a chemical imbalance in our brain called neurotransmitters. Studies showed that the brains of those suffering from depression look different as being viewed with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). If the depression is caused by a

Parents, teachers and many people always mention about the importance of breakfast. However, in the busy morning with many competing priorities, questionable appetites and laziness of cooking, not only adults but also teenagers develop an unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast.

An allergy is a combination of adverse reactions by the immune system of our body to a factor that does not bother other persons who do not have an allergy to it. A reaction of allergy can influence the lining

Kids go to school and do not come home at noon. Therefore, every mom worries about their kids’ lunch. They want to make some easy healthy lunch recipes for kids at school. They need to make sure that the kids

Having a poor appetite is a common problem for those who are underweight or losing weight undesirably. As you know that it is very important to consume a variety of foods to keep you healthy, but it is difficult to

There are numerous health benefits of celery that not many people know. Celery is loaded with nutrients, essential minerals, and vital vitamins. Eating celery can help you to lose weight, lower the high cholesterol levels in your body, reduce the