This Australian Flight Passenger Checked In The Weirdest Thing!

So much for the ‘fragile’ tag!

Here’s a quick tip to flyers: if airlines hassle you about carrying alcohol in your cabin luggage or ask you to cram your Duty Free spirits into your check-in luggage, do what Dean Stinson, a beer-loving passenger, did on his Melbourne-Perth flight this weekend. The man simply checked in a lone can of lager as his only luggage on the domestic flight. And the ground staff let him do it!

But wait, that’s not even the best part! Thanks to the efficiency of baggage handlers on both the airports, the can of Emu Export Lager survived the journey without so much as a dent!

In a statement, Stinson revealed that he came up with the notorious plan along with a friend who worked at the airport “just for a laugh”. “I thought it was bloody great!” he told AFP about the safe arrival of the beer. “And it was in perfect condition”, he added pleasantly surprised that the delicate piece of cargo came rolling out on the conveyor belt at Perth with zero harm done.

Take a look at the high and mighty can and tell us that isn’t a great idea to carry alcohol on flights!

This Australian Flight Passenger Checked In The Weirdest Thing!Image: AFP Photo

However, despite the genius of it all, the airline company – Qantas – had nothing to say.


Feature Image: Prague Morning