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An Australian Company Has Found A Way To Transform Old Potatoes Into Cheese


If you’ve ever wanted to know what to do with old potatoes sitting around in your kitchen, you can now turn into into cheese! You read that right, potatoes into cheese.

PotatoMagic, an Australian company headed by Andrew Dyhin has come up with a process where garden variety potatoes can be altered into a food base that melts like cheese under a grill. Called “chato” (a mash-up of cheese and potato), Dyhin hopes that by introducing it into the market, it will minimise food wastage, which is proving to be a huge problem in the world today.

Dyhin is a spud enthusiast and on his YouTube channel, he has videos with his personal process of cooking potato in various innovative ways. Part of the food videos is “spud dumplings” inspired by Genghis Khan. But the process he follows to make potatoes into cheese is a closely-guarded secret. However, Dyhin says that he can also transform potatoes into other dairy products like ice cream and mayonnaise.

Having spent 12 years to perfect the science behind this process, Dyhin says that the biggest challenge is to find people to try the product. He told ABC Rural Australia that, “I can really only get people to trust the product when they can actually taste it, feel it and look at it.”

Check out the Potato Dumpling video that PotatoMagic posted on their YouTube channel: