Australia Gets An Interesting Twist On Coca-Cola For The Summer, Read On For More

There have been so many stunts done by soda companies and food brands in general that get people interested and excited about interesting new ways to try their favourite foods. Soda companies, however, have always had a way with introducing new flavours and enticing their customers to stick around and keep coming back for more.

Everybody remembers Pepsi Blue and then there was New Coke, which was basically a reformulation of the original drink that didn’t last beyond 2002. There was also Crystal Pepsi, which is making a comeback, and tons of other variants that came and went. But now Coca-Cola has introduced a whole new flavour that might blow your mind or confuse the hell out of you.

Meet Coca-Cola Ginger, debuting in Australia, is a limited edition release just in time for summer down under. According to a statement released by the company, ginger is a ‘trending flavour’ in Australia, thanks to their widely-available sodas like Bundaberg Ginger Beer or Kirk’s Ginger Ale.

Another reason the new version is being introduced is to bring back their customers who have turned away from the soda for health reasons and are settling for bottled water instead.

Australia Gets An Interesting Twist On Coca-Cola For The Summer, Read On For More

What does it taste like?

According to Mashable, the ginger taste is very very subtle. It might take some time before you notice the spicy kick to it. However, if you like ginger, you’re going to notice it right off the bat and even hope for more ginger in your drink. Apparently, it’s still quite sugary and has the same familiar Coke taste. Apparently ginger isn’t one of the ingredients listed on the bottle.

The ingredients of our products are listed on our packs and Coca-Cola Ginger is no exception,” a spokesperson from Coca-Cola South Pacific told “Like all our flavours, ginger is included as part of the flavours in the ingredients listing. The ginger flavour is derived from ginger.”