Australia’s Latest Food Sensation: The Hamdog

It’s a burger…  It’s a hot dog… It’s a hamdog! Yes, you heard that right! Meet the hamdog, Australia’s latest food sensation. We’ve heard of every possible food  mashup – cronuts, cheeseburgers, and even the birizza. But, hamdogs? Errr.


So what on earth (or rather, in Australia) is a hamdog?

Created by Mark Murray, it is a half-hotdog/half-hamburger wrapped in a single, super-modified bun. He originally pitched the idea to potential investors at an entrepreneur show, last year, describing the dish as a ‘party in your mouth’. “I had the idea on holiday when I was leaving a bar in Nashville. I grabbed a burger and a hot dog as I was really hungry. I was sitting in the car eating them both at the same time and my wife was looking at me like I was an idiot,” said Mark Murray. However, the idea was rejected for funding by the judges.

Not giving up on this idea, he is now selling the $8 HamDog in Western Australia after successfully securing an US patent for the bizarre crossover.

The creation splits a burger patty to allow a hotdog to be nestled in between. The bun, custom-made in a Perth bakery, is then filled with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

At present, Murray’s hamdog is featuring at fairs and markets in Western Australia, but is expected to head to New South Wales in the next few months.

The ‘land down under’ never ceases to amaze us! What do you guys think – the hamdog: yay or nay?