Attention Wine Drinkers! Science Has Solved Your Greatest Wine Pouring Obstacle

As discovered previously, alcohol and science make for great bedfellows. The latest ground-breaking discovery? Drip free wine bottles.

We all know the feeling of cracking open a bottle and pouring a lovely glass of wine only to have a few drops spill as you finish. Aside from the obvious tragedy of wasting alcohol, there is also a practical side. Wine stains, like really badly.

 If you’re like me and enjoy the occasional glass of wine while binge watching Netflix. You’ll understand the pain of watching those last droplets absorb into your couch (or bed, no judgments) while you’re completely powerless. Condemned to staring sadly as your fate plays on in front of you.

Lucky for us, science to the rescue! Biophysicist and inventor Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University claims to have discovered the solution to all our wine dripping problems. After three years of studying videos of wine being poured (that’s some commitment), he discovered that wine drips primarily occur when the wine bottle in question is full or almost full.

His genius solution? Perlman’s findings have led him to believe that it all lies in a two-millimeter groove that designers should add to the bottles which will catch the wine as the bottle is kept upright.

What a simple answer to one of the wine drinkers’ greatest problems. Now, all we need is for winemakers to get on board with this new development and provide us with a premium wine-drinking experience. Until then, I’m drinking boxed wine and taking no chances!