Atlantic Salmon Break Free From Fish Farm Into The Pacific

Atlantic Salmon Break Free From Fish Farm Into The Pacific

Salmon, thousands in number have managed to break the net and escape from a fish farm in Washington and are heading to the Pacific Ocean and probably even thriving. Native to the Atlantic, the 3, 05,000 fish are invasive to the Pacific and can cause damage to the marine life.

The company is blaming the eclipse for the high tides that led to the fish escape making it easy for them to break away. The initial reports were that only 4,000 to 5,000 fish have escaped and now the company fears a much bigger loss.

Environmentalists on the other hand are concerned about the damage the escaped salmon cause to the environment. They are fearful mostly about the Atlantic fish mating with the Pacific Chinook Salmon and also about stealing their food. The environmental damage range is between moderate and very serious as reported by the Guardian

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is trying to reduce the problem by asking people to volunteer and help catch the salmon. In fact people with a fishing license are allowed to catch them. A support from the fishing citizens can be a big help to evade the looming environmental damage.