At Punkah House, A New Way Forward for India’s Gourmet Traditions

Charcoal Concepts, a platform for specialist Indian food and beverages is launching its latest concept, Punkah House, within a beautiful iconic bungalow on 12th Main Road in Indiranagar. Punkah House, through its kitchen and bar, aims to reinterpret the Indian subcontinent’s culinary past.

The Food

Punkah House’s food menu draws on the rich gourmet traditions of India, Ceylon and Burma, three diverse nations united by a shared history. It takes inspiration from the land’s indigenous heritage as well as its international influences. A happy hybrid of identities, both east and west; old and new – all coming together on your plate.

Nibble on the Marinated Jolpai Olives while sipping on a cocktail. Savour a bit of East India, with the East Indian Egg, inspired by the Anglo Indian devilled eggs and served with a Kasundi Aioli. Taste the earthiness of Malgudi Vegetables that bring together the famous fictional south Indian town with vegetables introduced by the colonists. Inspired from the ‘Butler Cuisine’ that the Chettiyars adopted from butlers cooking in clubs and colonial homes, is the Stuffed Rice Pancakes with a filling of tempered artichokes, peppered with tofu rolled in podi.

The Betel Leaf, integral to Burmese cuisine is showcased in the Betel-leaf wrapped Salmon served with spiced barley and lemon salt. When Rash Behari Bose, an Indian revolutionist fled to Japan during World War 1, he introduced Kari (curry) to Japan as part of his anti-colonial struggle. The Silk Route Kari pays homage to him. The Rasam Ramen and the Soft Shell crab from Korlai, a tiny Portuguese village on Maharashtra’s coast, blends together flavours of the two varying cultures and are sure to get on your must-try list.

It was the Portuguese that introduced baking breads in wood-fire ovens to India. From the wood-fire oven of Punkah House comes flat breads – Roast Chicken with fermented chilli salsa, Ghee Roast pumpkin and toasted almonds, Asparagus Foogath and more.

End your meal on a sweet note with the likes of Hindostanee Profiteroles, with cumin caramel vanilla bean ice cream, or the Kapimisu Brioche – local filter coffee infused ice cream served with a French sweet Brioche. The Ananas Sorbet for those hot days makes for the perfect accompaniment at the end of the meal. And, they have been thoughtfully paired with dessert wines and cocktails to end your meal on a high.

At Punkah House, A New Way Forward for India’s Gourmet Traditions

The Drinks

The Punkah House Bar raises a glass to the best of times, old and new. From fruits and herbs to flowers and spices, their curated cocktails capture the many moods and flavors of the Indian subcontinent with a distinct present-day touch.

Punkah House places a strong emphasis on its curated cocktails that are an ode to the time when India was forging its independent identity. From the Curated Cocktails, The Rangoon Connection, with Rambutan and Pisco pays tribute to Indians who migrated to Rangoon-Burma, an Indian city in British India to build a new life. The Bengal Sour harks back to the partition of Bengal by the British, only to be reunited by Indian nationalists. Don’t miss out on the range of Barrel Aged cocktails, G&Ts, Tea cocktails and Club Classics.

The Ambiance

The vibe is inspired from a bygone era of bustling corridors filled with interesting curios. The space is sophisticated and the ambience is intimate with a mix of old-world minimalism and embellishment. The design brings together a confluence of the old-world Indian subcontinent alongside colonial influences. Think of the clubs of yore, and bungalows of the old weekend hill stations. Punkah House offers distinct sections – The tropical terrace garden offers an open space for groups while they wait and is also the perfect place for parties of 50 people, while the Oak Bar consists of the corner balcony, the dining room and the verandah.