At 71, Donald Trump Is Reportedly Giving Up Junk Food For A Healthier Lifestyle

Washington-dwellers, this Summer if you spot an fairly aged tannish-orange person doing his morning walks near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it might very well be Donald Trump. You see, 71 years after dining on junk food, meaty steaks, piles after heaps of Big Macs, and the works, the President of the United States has finally decided to focus on his health, according to a CNN report.

Turns out, after a thorough physical conducted by Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician, the Big Mac-loving billionaire has finally decided put his KFC and McDonald’s binge meal days behind him. And rightly so, because as People puts it, 6 ft 3 in tall Trump weighs a whopping 239 pound (~ 108 kg) stands at the brink of obesity with his BMI at 29.9, which just 0.1 less than being deemed clinically obese.


All Diet, No Exercise?

So, will we be seeing a lot more of Trump in tracks? The chances are slim because even though the 71-year-old acknowledged the need to shed 10-15 pounds, exercise may not necessarily be his route. “Some people exercise, some people don’t,” Dr. Jackson said in January while announcing the results of Trump’s physical. “Some people just haven’t done that as part of their routine. And I would say that’s the category he falls in right now.” However, Trump defended himself by saying that he gets “more exercise than people think.” “I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that,” Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview.

Meanwhile, the President is making small but significant changes to his meals, CNN reports. Though Dr. Jackson deemed Trump as “very healthy”, the physician also added that the POTUS “would benefit from a diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates, and from a routine exercise regimen”, adding that the President’s cholesterol is slightly elevated, but he’s taking Crestor to combat that, and otherwise “his cardiac health is excellent.”

At 71, Donald Trump Is Reportedly Giving Up Junk Food For A Healthier LifestyleImage Source 

Keeping up with the diagnosis, Trump has reportedly been eliminating excess carbs, fats, and proteins from his diet by switching up his beloved steak with Dover sole (another one of his favorites), while his hamburgers are devoid of at least one of their buns. Additionally, diet experts have also reportedly been working with the White House kitchen on ideas for healthier eating for him.

During his electoral campaign in 2016, Trump was clicked with a whole lot of fast food in order to resonate with his target voter base. But with this change in diet and lifestyle, we wonder what food-centric strategy is the 45th President of America has in mind for his second term.

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