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Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Cooks Her Favourite Comfort Foods In Space


If you’ve seen Gravity or Interstellar, you’d know that living in space for extended periods of time can get frustrating and lonely. On Earth, when we get the blues we reach for our favourite comfort foods that are guaranteed to cheer us up. 

The European Space Agency understands the need for comfort food, so along with the standard space fare, they allow their astronauts to take along some “bonus food”; favourite foods that will remind them of home. 

In the case of Samantha Cristoforetti, who is living aboard the International Space Station for her mission Futura, these bonus foods are a mackerel, quinoa and leek tortilla and red rice with turmeric chicken. Watch as she assembles all the ingredients to make a meal somewhat familiar to what she enjoyed when her feet were firmly grounded. 

1) Whole Red Rice and Turmeric Chicken 

Cristoforetti give us a lesson on cooking in space and explains why she has to use a tortilla as a plate. 

2) Mackerel, Quinoa and Leek Cream Tortilla

Cristoforetti shows us that are gourmet palate need not suffer even if we’re in space.