Arun Ice Creams Launch Several Short TVCs Featuring A Range Of Their Products
April 2, 2016
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Arun Ice Creams Launch Several Short TVCs Featuring A Range Of Their Products



Over the past few days, popular ice cream brand, Arun Ice Creams has launched a variety of short films promoting their ice creams. The ads all share a common, catchy jingle.

About Arun Ice Creams

Arun Ice Creams, which falls under the Hatsun Agro Products parent company is a popular ice cream brand, especially in South India. Along with having a variety of ice cream flavours, Arun Ice Creams has a collection of over 1000 ice cream parlours spread across South India.


Additionally, the brand has ice cream plants in the Seychelles, in Fiji and in Brunei.

The Ads

Arun Ice Creams has been launching a variety of 15 second ads over the period of two weeks. The ads feature individuals enjoying a range of the ice cream products, from the Icone Mini to the Icone to the Ibar to the ice cream Tub.

All the characters in the ads are in completely different situations; one focuses on an army officer, another on a girl travelling on a bus while a third highlights a child in a playground. However, all the characters are united in that they are heavily tempted by another character enjoying Arun’s ice cream products. Check out the ads below:

Arun ice creams ibar mini AD 2016

Arun Icecreams – Fun Wheel TVC 2017

The ads have been conceptualised by Iced Pepper Creative Designz and produced and directed by IRIS films. Do they make you crave some ice cream too?



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