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Artist Maria Aristidou Uses Coffee To Give Painting A Whole New Meaning


Commercial artist, illustrator and cake designer Maria A. Aristidou has a very interesting take on painting. She took her regular cup of brewed coffee, a paintbrush and created something spectacular.


Instead of using ordinary colors, she dipped her brush in five types of coffee brews and put together some truly spectacular paintings. From pop culture icons to animals and even robots, with hues of russet, tan, auburn and brown.


Maria said that she did her first coffee illustration by accident, but the results were so good that she decided to create more. She enjoys making coffee paintings of some of her favorite people, characters and animals.


To create this effect, she uses water paper and up to five different coffee blends, depending on the subject. Let’s have a look at her artworks.


A caffeine edition of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.


Ta da!



We want this sketch of Pinkie Pie in our rooms!



Is that an Americano that he’s having? Such swank!



Oh my! That crazy detailing!



Seriously? We couldn’t give that amount of detail with a pencil!


Ok we need a moment here to hyperventilate.



Something’s fishy in here. Oh wait, that’s just coffee.



Wait, that’s not print? *faints*



Things like this make the world beautiful.



Can’t get enough of the beauty, can you? Follow the artist on Instagram to get your regular dose of coffee!

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