Which Artificial Sweetener Do You Use? #POLL

In the “fast-paced” life that we live today, there is hardly much time left to give ourselves an hour or two of a healthy workout or some exercise. And even if we do, our food choices more often than not remain on the low-cal side of the scale. Which is probably why health food, superfoods, and the like are soaring in the market.

One such category of condiments that falls in the healthy food aisle is artificial sweeteners. And although a number of nutritionist may argue against the artificial sweeteners, there are some that profess that there is absolutely nothing wrong in ditching sugar for good. And really, if fitness and cooking experts are vouching for and endorsing these sweeteners, can we really not believe them? That’s a debate for another day. Anywho, do you use these synthetic sweeteners? If yes, then which brand do you rely on?