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Art or Real? This Artist’s Food Paintings Will Blow Your Mind


UK-based artist, Joël Penkman has combined her love for food and art by painting these amazingly realistic works of art. In her own words, “I love food, and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea.”

With a degree in Graphic Design at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Art, Penkman moved to England where she worked as a graphic designer before starting to paint. While her art isn’t exclusively focused on food and as she told Mashable, “I do like the familiarity of food as a subject, it is something everyone can relate to. It can hold memories, tell stories, explore national and local identity, and make us hungry. It is a fun, playful subject that makes people smile.”






“Food triggers memories and emotion, I like that people can bring something of themselves to the artworks,” says Penkman and we totally agree.


You can buy her art on her website or on Etsy. All images used are directly from her website.