The Art of Keeping it Crisp at Crisp Cafe, Chennai

What was Crisp Cafe like? We still can’t find the words to describe it. There was so much to take in, so let’s start with ambience. The light colors and brick walls along with the simple white furniture makes you feel like you’re dining in one of those quaint little contemporary cafes. What quickly caught our attention were the quirky posters with food quotes meant for the absolute foodie in you. We also caught a glimpse of more appetizing and humourous one-liners written on the placemats of our table. We we’re already falling in love with the place.

Crisp Cafe opened its doors in September last year, and talking to Pooja Srinivasan, the owner, we learnt that a lot of heart and soul had gone into this cafe as she was insipred by her father to start her own business. The Cake Walk bakery has always been a family business but when Pooja decided to make her return from Australia with a degree in Hospitality Management, a Pastry Chef qualification from Le Cordon Bleu, and an internship experience with Adriano Zumbo, she was all set to begin her own venture.

The menu at Crisp Cafe is one of the things that makes this establishment stand out from the others. It is different and unique and offers a delightful variety of breakfast items, appetizers, mains, and dessert. The food is overwhelming and definitely beyond ordinary. We couldn’t resist helping ourselves to the food the moment they landed on our table (we ate it visually as it arrived from the kitchens). Dishes like the Sweet Potato Fries, Nutella Marshmallow Sandwich and Cake Shakes are a rare find in the city and that is exactly why this place is known for it’s unique menu. Another classic aspect of this cafe is how everything here is made from scratch in the kitchens like the mayonnaise and the marshmallows too!

To Pooja, Crisp Cafe is her happy place and she takes great joy in it. Ask her what’s her favorite on the menu, and she says “Everything!” with excitement. The interiors of the cafe are fully conceptualised by her, calling it a “quirky happy place”. She says “When people come in smiling, I want them to leave smiling.” And that is exactly how we left – smiling, with a fully pampered palate and stuffed stomachs!

What we had:

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato

Can this cafe get any better? Fries just got healthier here at Crisp Cafe with these baked Sweet Potato Fries!

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops

Perfectly cooked, tender lamb with an amazing brown sauce that blends so well. Served with the most deliciously seasoned mashed potatoes and roast vegetables, this dish surely took us over the moon!

Red Velvet Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Cream Cheese Frosting

Red velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes! The texture was so fine and the pancakes were incredibly soft. The Cream Cheese Frosting was so good, we had to stop ourselves from licking the bowl clean.

Nutella Marshmallow Sandwich

Nutella Toast

It felt like biting into a soft, fluffy white cloud with a chocolate coat! You have to try this one, or you haven’t really lived.

Cake Batter and Cookie Dough Cake Shake

Cake batter shake

Because regular shakes are just too mainstream.

Find Crisp Cafe at No. 1 Kothari Road, Nungambakam Chennai.