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Around the World in 20 Burgers at the Woodside Inn Beer & Burger Festival


Are you a beer lover? Or a burger lover? If you’re neither, we’re going to be looking at you very suspiciously from now on. If, however, you are then head to Woodside Inn, because their annual Beer & Burger Festival is back!

Travel around the world in twenty days with burgers and beers from all around the world. Do we care to elaborate? But of course – there’s a duck conift burger from France, a rock shrimp burger from Peru, a Paleo burger from the US and a Lentil burger from Thailand.

What about the beers? Well, along with a range of international and Indian beers, the Gateway Brewing Co has created a special beer just for the occasion – the Pompous Ass, a delicious craft beer blend.

So head on over to Woodside Inn at Oshiwara and Colaba and chow down as many burgers as possible. Scarfing twenty burgers is a feat comparable to Phineas Fogg’s… almost. Call 022 30150813 (Colaba) or 022 30151598 (Oshiwara).