Aromas Cafe Takes The Joy Of Drinking Coffee To Whole New Level By Printing Your Picture On Whipped Cream

Aromas Cafe Takes The Joy Drinking Coffee To Whole New Level By Printing Your Picture On Whipped Cream

We recently experienced a lovely coffee at Aromas Cafe which already boasts of six outlets in Mumbai. As we stepped into the Oshiwara outlet, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee welcomed us. Not only did we try their lovely cappuccino and delicious eats but were in for a big surprise as they printed a picture on the whipped cream that goes on top of the coffee! Nope, not kidding at all. Here’s our experience at Aromas Cafe

The FotoKaffi ​Machine

The Aromas Cafe outlet at Oshiwara has a special FotoKaffi ​Machine that scans your picture and then prints it onto edible whipped cream that layers up straight up on your coffee. So the result you get is your selfie on top of your coffee. Cool isn’t it? We tried ours on Cold Coffee. You can get your picture on top of hot beverages like Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate and so on or else on cold ones and specific desserts like chocolate brownie or a chocolate truffle.

The Food At Aromas Cafe

The menu at the cafe is quite extensive, giving the customers a lot options to choose from. You can order healthy salads, burgers, Italian food, Mexican fare and a whole lot more! There are lovely desserts to pick from so escaping indulgence is a bit tough. Here’s what we had.

Started off with the delicious Chicken Peri Peri which had a smoky flavour to it and just the right amount of spices around the juicy chicken. The dip smeared across the appetizer was a perfect match and highly recommend all meat lovers to nibble onto this.

Nothing better in the mornings than your favourite brew and creamy mushroom on a crispy toast! Yes, the Mushroom on Toast was a big win as well and went beautiful well with a cappuccino.

Next up were the Egyptian Keftas that were served with pita, pickled lettuce salad and creamy hummus. The keftas tasted quite good and went well with the combination of pita, hummus and the salad.

For the mains we binged on Aromas Own Pasta which was tossed in a tomato sauce and a touch of bell peppers and zucchini topped with parmesan and fresh basil. The sauce was flavourful and the garlic bread on the side complemented the overall dish.

Aromas Cafe has a charming appeal to it and is great for get-togethers with friends or even as a workspace. The good coffee and the appealing dishes sure can keep you lingering in the cafe.