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Are you ready to say Goodbye to Evernote Food?


We’ve all used Evernote, right? The handy little app that allows you to make notes, add reminders and pretty much remember everything you need except your head. Evernote Food was for us foodie lovers that basically acted like an extremely large recipe book. Apart from housing recipes, Evernote Food also containted food-related notes and restaurant notes. 

Now, Evernote has announced that it is withdrawing support for its food note app. This move comes after ex-Googler Chriss O’Neill has replaced Evernote-founder Phil Libin last month. Launced in 2011, the Evernote Food app was an extension of the main app that was dedicated to only culinary joys. Evernote never revealed how many users it had.

The company is now focused on its core service which appears to have stagnated somewhat. All the things you did in Evernote Food can be done in the main Evernote service, which claims 150 million registered users. 

The company announced that from September 30th, Evernote Food will no longer be listed in either app stores. Existing users will be able to continue using the apps, but they will no longer be updated and their features will stop working.