Are You Eating Alone? Put A Mirror In Front Of You And Your Meal Will Taste Better!

Eating alone is never fun, is it? Whether you’re at home chowing down a measly meal for one, or even worse, in a restaurant seated at a tiny table with your single portion, eating alone can do massive damage to your self-esteem.


Some accounts suggest that food tastes blander when the person is eating alone. Ryuzaburo Tanaka, a researcher at Nagoya University in Japan suggests that placing a mirror in front of yourself will help your food taste better. By looking at yourself eat, he argues, you will trick your subconscious into believing that there are others at the table.

Setting down a mirror “simulates the atmosphere of sharing a meal with someone, and I believe it helps to enhance the deliciousness of the food being eaten,” Tanaka said.


However, we’re understandably skeptical about whipping out a pocket mirror and placing it on our table while eating at a restaurant. Perhaps this is an experiment best tried at home. Does it work for you?