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April Fools’ Day Pranks for a Little Bit of Fun


April Fools’ Day is just around the corner folks. And all you pranksters out there who are planning to foil their colleagues cubicles and post-it the office washroom you’ll better take a step back because nothing beats the funny expression of eating/tasting something one was not expecting! A loud unexpected noise or a scary text won’t cut close to these food pranks. Don’t forget to keep a camera handy!

1. Donuts with Mayo filling


Go one step further and mix the actual donuts with the mayo filled ones and watch while everyone looks puzzled.

2. M&M’s, Skittles and Gems in one bowl


Watch while people struggle to pick just one of their favourites. It’s a pretty neat tactic for those guys who always finish all of your M&Ms; and if you got Sour Skittles in that bowl, plus points for you my friend.

3. Make office stationery Jell-O


Three words – Can’t stop laughing.

4. Minty Toothpaste Oreos


Slightly dangerous but one bite does no harm! If you find somebody reaching out for another, you might be dealing with a bigger problem there! Go one step ahead and mix up normal Oreos and the prank Oreos!

5. The classic salt for sugar


No prank beats this classic switch! Salted coffee, cereal, etc. I just hope you have something to pacify them with after the prank.

6. Undrinkable drinks


Make Jell-O drinks and serve them to your family. Also, run!

7. Chocolate mousse instead of coffee


Use a little coffee in the mousse so it smells like coffee, because you just can’t be too careful!

8. Biscuits instead of Chips


Grab your friend’s favourite bag of chips and open carefully from the bottom, empty out the contents and switch with biscuits or other items and make sure the camera is running when they get their snack!