Food Card – Apply Online for a FoodPlus Card

Many companies give their employees a food allowance, and trying to figure out how to do that with efficiency and versatility may seem challenging. That is until they find the HDFC or ICICI Bank FoodPlus card.

The card is an easy-to-use prepaid option. But before you decide on this card, you really need to understand the features and benefits it offers.

So in this review, we will take a look at just that. So let’s get started shall, we?

Food Card - Apply Online for a FoodPlus Card

What is a FoodPlus Card?

If you are looking for a card that can be used in many different grocery stores, then the FoodPlus card from HDFC or ICICI bank is a good option. The FoodPlus card is a great solution to a corporate need to replace vouchers and coupons for their employee’s meal allowances.

This card can be used at food and beverage stores anywhere in India. All you have to do as a company looking for a food allowance solution is to go through the distribution process and then allocate the debit cards to your employees.

The card allows the cardholder to use the card anywhere that VISA is accepted. But the government has placed regulations that only permit the cardholder to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages.


The card has a lot of great features both for use and for security. The card is a semi-closed prepaid card that is good for five years. A high card balance is another feature that could be very helpful for those dealing with a large breadth of allowances.

There is also no limit on the cumulative amount on the card either. That, coupled with the easy-to-track transaction system, this card is great for corporate accounting.

For security, the cardholder can set up alerts to keep track of every transaction and if there are any questionable purchases with the PIN.

There is also zero liability if there are any fraudulent charges, and the cardholder will get a replacement card quickly.

Rates and Fees

The rates and fees of the card are competitive as well. There is a ₹100 as the annual fee. If you use the card to draw money from an ATM, you will also be charged a ₹10 charge.

Other than this, there are no fees or rates to be considered. Once the fees are paid, the allowance can be uploaded by the employer at any time.

How to Apply

If you are looking to apply for this card, all you have to do is visit the website and begin the process. Your company will have to be interested in the card and have offered it to their employees.

It will begin by putting in your basic information, and then the next phase of the process will begin. The process won’t take long, and the employee will have access to the funds and card very quickly. If you would like to apply for this card, check out this link or this one.

Food Card - Apply Online for a FoodPlus Card


Both cards have their advantages. In general, the cards are easy to use and have great versatility in places you can purchase from. The cards can be used at any place that takes VISA. Rates and fees are minimal.

This all combined makes the prepaid cards a great option for any corporate needs. Vouchers and coupons can be lost easily or destroyed, and so a card is a better option.

The process of approval and dispersal is quick and easy. Chock full of features and benefits when it comes to security and functionality the FoodPlus card may be the thing that gives your employees a little peace of mind.

If they ever have a time where they are a little short on cash, the preloaded card can alleviate a little stress. This can help make your employees happy and even increase their productivity.

So if you are looking for a reliable way to deliver food allowances, then choosing one of these food card options will help improve employee satisfaction.

Note: For more information consult the terms and conditions page for more information.