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Application to Watch TV Free on Cell Phone – How to download


As we move towards modernity and a highly connected life, we are also losing one of the most precious things, Time. So, the old practice of the whole family enjoying some time together while watching a game seems distant now. 

But, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the game still. Since we are running everything from the mobile, why not watch TV on it? Several applications are available on the application stores mobile platforms that offer live TV or provide access to recorded content

However, not all these applications are authentic and safe. You might get recommendations from your friends to download an apk from the web and watch unlimited TV. It is intriguing, no doubt, but is it safe? Still, watching TV is primary, so we have found a great application to watch on your phone. 


Pluto TV

After thorough research, we have found one of the best applications to watch live tv on your cell phone. Pluto TV is also available as a website, which means that if you do not want to download the application, you can also open it from your browser. 

This service is owned by ViacomCBS and has been running since 2013, serving the US residents with live streams and popular TV channels for free. You can easily watch premium content on the platform with nothing but a stable and fast internet connection. 

Pluto TV offers a multitude of channels based on the advertiser-supported video-on-demand model. The service offering imitates the broadcasting experience which means that you will see ads between the streams or live TV. These advertisements bring revenue for Pluto TV and allow the operators to keep the service running. 

Apart from being free to access and enjoy, there is no need to make an account on the application to gain access to the services. The application interface is easy to navigate, and you will get access to a wide range of content available at zero cost

Content Range and Diversity

PlutoTV is a US-based application. This primarily offers US-based content spanning from live tv channels to on-demand movies and shows. Among the live TV shows, you can select between news, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, infotainment, among others. 

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Until April 2020, PlutoTV was running more than 200 channels on the platform, live. As if that’s not enough, the users will also get access to ViacomCBS’s internal library of media content. 

Apart from the US, the residents of the UK, Europe, Australia can enjoy a ton of content shared on the platform. Pluto TV

You can also search for your favorite content based on the different categories and genres. After launching the application, you can also browse through the most popular movies and TV shows list. All in all, PlutoTV creates a fantastic viewer experience with its high-quality and diverse content. 

How to Download PlutoTV

There are various ways to download the PlutoTV application, from the Google Play Store to the iOS App Store. It can be downloaded on a cell phone plus Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Xbox One. 

Downloading the application is simple. Open play on your mobile phone and create a Google account to gain access. If you already have a Gmail account, then enter the name PlutoTV directly on the search bar. 

Among the options presented, select PlutoTV, and you will gain access to the application’s dedicated store page. Click on Install, and you are set to go. 

Besides the Google Play Store, it is not recommended to download the apk, although they are available on multiple sources. An APK file can also contain viruses or malware that will damage your system’s security. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of apps that make our lives easier in this day and age. Surely after a long day’s work, there’s isn’t enough energy left to sit and enjoy your favorite show on the couch. 

So, watching it on your mobile phone while resting on the bed seems like the best option. PlutoTV is one such application that brings the whole package of excellent TV experience to the palm of your hands. 

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