This App Is Turning Out To Be AirBnB For Foodies


According to an article by Forbes, an app called FoodieTrip is offering the best of local cuisine at more than 1000 locations across 40 countries. Its founder Matan Magril believes that the travellers of today want new, off the beaten path experiences which inludes exploring local and culture-specific food.

Connecting Travellers And Locals

The publication further reports that FoodieTrip has created peer-to-peer market place, first of its kind that connects passionate food guides and travellers. “We are here to create a true community in our marketplace,” Magril tell the publication. “Our goal is to allow anyone who is passionate about their local culinary culture to become a guide while also building their own business and supplemental income.”

“In essence, we’re bringing the sharing economy to the experiential travel and allowing individuals (students, stay at home moms, locals in developing countries) to participate for the very first time,” he adds. Forbes also points out that the company is unique in focusing not just tour guides but any local individual who’s looking to tap the market.