App to Drink Water – See How to Use

Human bodies are 70% water, which makes water a very important part of our health. In fact, many experts claim that water plays a key role in feeling and looking our best every day.

No matter if you are trying to get fit, or just maintain a healthy body, staying hydrated is a must. There are few things we can do that are as good for us and drinking a nice, big glass of water.

Nonetheless, many people find it difficult to remember to drink enough water every day. Therefore, we have detailed an app that is going to offer you support in reaching your hydration goals.

App to Drink Water - See How to Use
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What Is Water Reminder?

Water Reminder is an app that has a lot of benefits for its users. It will help its users stay healthy and remember to hydrate on a daily basis, by having the Water Drink Reminder and a Journal.

Hydrating properly will bring along many benefits, and this is why everyone should remain hydrated every day. It’s very important that you do this daily, and if you do, your body will have significant overall changes.

Drinks Orientated

Water is essential, and we’ve been told that so many times that it’s stuck in our minds. But hydration can be maintained by other liquids as well, as a smoothie or unsweetened tea, offering a less dull option. 

This app will allow you to add your personal preferences and will be available in the dynamic and notification shortcuts so you can add them faster. 

This is a very original feature, as all other apps that are meant to keep our bodies hydrated will only have the water option, which can be somewhat unrealistic most of the time, not to mention boring.


The Today view offers a full overview of your progress and all the drinks you’ve had, and whether you’ve reached your hydration goal. Your current status is displayed by a fluid progress line. 

Below, you get extra information such as the status, the goal, the average amount of drinks, the balance, and the capacity left. You can edit, duplicate, or add today’s drinks easily under the extra information. 

With this app, you can fully control your hydration, by knowing how much you already drank and how much is left until you reach your personal hydration goal. It’s easy to use, and updates are made in real-time.


Hydration goals are automatically calculated based on your profile information. By adding a bonus, you can decrease or increase the calculated goal. Make sure that the information you entered is correct, in order to get the maximum results. 

Among other information shown in the app, you can see a monthly and weekly chart of your hydration, and be proud of the progress you’ve made so far. The apps created by Maximilian Keppler, like this one, usually have very detailed statistics. 

And with this app, having all your data in plain sight can be very helpful in the long run, by offering the necessary support.

Other Features 

Google Fit support has been integrated into the app, which makes your data available on all the devices you use. It is available to download from Google Play.

Another very original and important feature is that it has a screen shortcut, showing your last four drinks. Unlocking your phone and opening the app is unnecessary to view your last few drinks, and beyond that, it looks rather nice.

The Water Drink Reminder app has a lot of details. The entire app blends together flawlessly. However, it is currently in beta stage, but that shouldn’t prevent you from using it every day. 

It might just contain a few small bugs, but they are working on it and improving it continually. No crashes or forced closes have happened during the time it’s been tested. 

The app will be ad-free just for 47 days. Even though ads will be added after these 47 days, they shouldn’t make your experience less pleasant. The ad-free version is not expensive at all, and it is worth the purchase for such a great app. 

App to Drink Water - See How to Use


Overall better health will be achieved just by using this small app meant to remind you to drink water. Hydration is especially important now, on hot summer days, so this app has come right on time for us to use it.