Antibiotics Found In Raw Milk In Ahemdabad

Antibiotics Found In Raw Milk In Ahemdabad

Experts have found the presence of antibiotics in 20 percent of the 300 raw milk samples collected in Ahmedabad. The samples was collected for a study by the Institute of Research and Development (IR&D), Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) reports the Times of India. The study was conducted only on raw milk and not the packaged one.

Antibiotics In Milk

“Consuming food with traces of antibiotics over a prolonged time leads to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of microbes in humans. There is a growing interest to understand how our food affects our health,” Dr Bhavini Shah, a city based pathologist told the Times of India. Prasenjit Maity, associate professor and in-charge director of IR&D told the publication that, “About 9% of the samples were found to have two to three times higher level of antibiotics compared to the tolerance limit for antibiotics by FSSAI for selected foods is between 5 parts per billion to 0.3 parts per million.”


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