Anthony Bourdain Gives 2016 Yet Another Cookbook, ‘Appetites’

2016 may be a lot of things, but it is for sure not short on star-studded cookbooks. Actors, athletes, musicians, and chefs (among many others) have made an active contribution to the ‘cookbook’ section of our bookstores. And adding another fancy one to the shelf is Parts Unknown host, Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain, who is known for vagabond-ing across the globe (with and without the President of The United States), sinking his teeth into the most delicious food, has released his much-awaited cookbook titled ‘Appetites’. The chef has previously penned a number of bestsellers like Kitchen Confidential and No Reservations: Around The World On An Empty Stomach, so you can blindly put your money on the mans latest literary venture.bourdain-shellfish-0

Written in alliance with longtime colleague Laurie Woolever, Appetites captures all the magic and awesomeness that Bourdain goes about creating in his home kitchen. The cookbook boasts of recipes that draw inspiration from classic Parisian to street side Vietnamese elements. With a wide range of dishes, the cookbook mirrors Bourdain’s escapades around the world.  bourdain-breakfast-spread

“Like many other celebrity-authored cookbooks of late, Bourdain tackles the subject of home entertaining head-on. But instead of focusing on crowd-pleasing favorites, Bourdain refocuses on the work of cooking, advising readers to treat their home kitchens a bit more like prep kitchens”, writes Eater.bourdain-laksa-0

Although, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, thanks to artist Ralph Steadman, Appetites could use a round of applause for its quirky art work that features an animated Bourdain floating amidst a riot of colorful madness.cover-appetites-anthony-bourdain-cover-design-by-ralph-steadman


The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will hit bookstore on 25th October.

Image: Eater

Feature Image: First We Feast