Why Was Anne Hathaway Having Lunch From A Syringe?

One can never be in enough awe of how creative celebs can get with their diet. Whether it’s eating only purple food like Mariah Carey or living off an air diet (oh Madonna!), the stars can never get too nifty.

Adding her name to the long list of creative and unusual diets is Anne Hatahaway. The Dark Knight Rises lady recently posted a picture to Instagram of a big fat syringe loaded with something green and, well, just green.

The 2-moth old mom explained in the caption that the green liquid was actually a health shot. It is actually an uber healthy concoction by Kreation Juicery, a brand that makes such shots for four different purposes – one comes with a heavy dose of vitamin C; another is made to stop an illness in its tracks; there is one for overall wellness tonic and a “beautify” shot.

Hathaway is the proud taker of the last one, the beauty shot, which is fortified with fresh greens (fruits and vegetables) that work towards improving your skin, hair and nails.Syringe_Beautify_cc5ee6cd-03fd-4471-bc0a-ed731e46b043_1024x1024

The shots comes for just $5 a syringe, and though we are thrilled to know that Anne Hathaway’s isn’t spending a fortune on her diet, we do hope that her lunch sees a bit more than just this syringe!

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