Annachi Dosai Kadai at VGP Golden Beach Resort Makes Healthy Dosas That Are Tasty To Boot

Dosa is a South-Indian dish that is near to the hearts of one and all that has had the privilege of tasting this beautiful dish. Dosa is a South-Indian dish made from a pureed mixture of rice and black lentils or Urad Dal. There are two versions of how they come out, thick and soft or thin and crisp. Dosa is a popular breakfast food in southern parts of India, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala etc. The carbohydrate content in Dosa is high and it contains no sugar or saturated fats. With the chief ingredients of the dish being rice and Vigna Mungo (Urad Dal), it is a source of protein. Vitamin B and C content increases during the fermentation process. You can make them at home or purchase instant mixes that are readily available in markets.

A dosa is served hot, either folded in half or rolled like a wrap. It is also served usually with chutney and sambar. It is cooked over medium heat for a few minutes. It is allowed to cook until the batter fluffs up and softens or the oil that is drizzled over the edges makes the batter turn golden brown.

 Annachi Dosai serves up all this and more! We at HungryForever went by and checked it out. Take a look at the video below