This Animation Perfectly Explains How Caffeine Works

Most of us just cannot imagine beginning the day without a good dose of caffeine – whether tea or coffee. And not just starting it, it helps us a lot of us to keep going through the day as well. *Chugs third mug of coffee* But have you ever wondered why caffeine keeps us alert, or even how it works? Sure we know a fair amount about tea and coffee, but where exactly does caffeine fit into the food chain? And how does it affect our body?

Well, wonder no more because an informative and supremely enlightening video created by Ted-ED takes us through the caffeine process with an accurate animation video.

The video highlights some truly mind blowing facts like did you know that the amount of caffeine consumed every morning globally could outweigh a dozen Eiffel Towers put together (the one in Paris, not Vegas)? It goes on to throw some light on the whole science behind caffeine, how in its raw form it is actually toxic for insects and much more.

So if you thought you knew your morning cup of tea and/ore coffee well, think again. Take a look at this video to increase your caffeine IQ!

Now, the next time you put your system through multiple ounces of caffeine, replay this video in your head.


Feature Image: Franchise India