Angrier The Internet, Higher The Discount On Snickers

Internet rages and everyone knows it and it is during that time the Snickers fans can benefit, because according to a recent report by Food Beast, Snickers has launched a ‘Hungerithm’ coupon. The offer is here to stay till the 22nd of December so make a move now!

How Does This Work

Snickers has put up a site that uses an algorithm to look for 3,000 words and phrases used on social media posts and judges the overall mood of the internet. So accordingly, the higher the anger level is, the lower the price of Snickers goes. The program set up by Snickers keeps a track of Facebook and other social media sites every ten minutes and to get a new score.

The customer in the US can lock the reduced priced at a given time through their mobile phones so as to ensure that they get the bar at the lowest price. So how it works is that if a customer gets a coupon that ranges between $0.08 and $1 and the higher price will then go down as the internet’s anger increases.

The Snickers that are available at the 7-11 stores are only applicable for this offer and the customer can only use their mobile phones to lock the price.