Andhra Food Festival at Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru


This season, engage in a local tryst with spices from the states of Andhra and Telangana like never before, as Caraway Kitchen at Conrad Bengaluru brings to you the Andhra Food festival at Caraway Kitchen. The buffet has been specially curated by a team led by Junior Sous Chef Sadhasiva with an eclectic spread of food variety from coastal Andhra, Rayalseema and Telangana. Dig-in to millet-based bread a speciality of Telangana, rice from Andhra and ragi, koora (curries), snacks and sweets from the Telangana region that have distinct methods of preparation.


Experience the vibrant culture of the Andhra region, its cuisine and heritage while you enjoy an array of hot, tangy and delicious flavours at Caraway Kitchen. The luscious spread includes starters like Andhra chilli chicken, Hyderabad apoollo fish fry, venchina guddu, Andhra kodi fry and pesaru punugulu to name a few. The main course is a selection of hand-picked specials like Andhra Kodi khoora, Gonghoora mamisaru, Chapala Pulusu, tomato pulusu, gongoora pappu etc. No Andhra meal is ever complete without the amazing selection of aromatic biryani. Caraway Kitchen has put together 3 different varieties of basmati cooked biryanis in chicken, mutton and fish variants.

The buffet is also well-equipped with a variety of drinks to complement the explosive flavours of the dishes. Tantalise your palette with nannari sherbet, curry leaf mojito and an array of delicious drinks from the A-la-carte menu.

Experience the diversity of flavours in their unity on your plate at Caraway Kitchen at Conrad Bengaluru.

Date: 8th November to 17th November


Place: Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru

Cost: Set menu: Lunch- INR 1600 ++ per person and Dinner- INR 1800 ++ per person

For Reservations: Call – +91 80 2214 4444.